CRM deluxe

World famous for its exquisite delicacies made from Swiss chocolate, Confiserie Sprüngli is now also making a name for itself as an omnichannel pioneer – with BSI CRM including a digital loyalty program for an enjoyable customer experience from the online shop to the café & restaurant.

Delicious Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli

Confiserie Sprüngli is placing the spotlight on its customers with the “Petits Plaisirs” loyalty program. The renowned family-owned business is using BSI CRM to make this happen. “Our goal is to more precisely get to know our customer’s needs and their personal shopping behavior across all on- and offline channels, to be able to serve them better, more quickly and more individually such as with gifts, special invitations and other benefits,” explained Maurice Ruckstuhl, Director Customer Relations at Confiserie Sprüngli.

BSI CRM as the pivotal point for the loyalty program

To specifically pamper customers requires consistent software support in which customers are central, with their shopping history, shopping behavior, shopping frequency along with their favorite products and sales outlets. “We want to serve our customers personally at all touchpoints, regardless of where, when and how they shop with us. The cross-channel 360° customer view is central for this,” according to the customer service expert.

BSI CRM as the basis for the “one world” experience

With the introduction of BSI CRM, Confiserie Sprüngli no longer only uses its CRM for advising customers when calling the order service, but also in the online shop and in their stores. “This autumn, we also connected the cafés,” revealed Maurice Ruckstuhl. “CRM facilitates our ʻone world’ vision: we have the same information at all touchpoints, apply the same rules and demonstrate the same professionalism,” offers Maurice Ruckstuhl when describing Confiserie Sprüngli’s ʻone world’ thinking.

Confiserie Sprüngli’s customers can store their loyalty card in the electronic wallet on their smartphone.

In the wallet instead of the purse

In place of a customary loyalty card, with “Petits Plaisirs” Confiserie Sprüngli is using a digital loyalty program. In just one step, customers can set up their virtual loyalty card in the electronic wallet of their smartphone. The simple registration process is being well received by customers. Many people with a sweet tooth signed up for the loyalty program very quickly.

“The top priority of our loyalty activities is meeting customer needs.”

Maurice Ruckstuhl, Director Customer Relations at Confiserie Sprüngli.

Pamper program

Maurice Ruckstuhl, Director Customer Relations at Confiserie Sprüngli

Customers will receive targeted offers and information of Confiserie Sprüngli based on customer data in the future. A prepaid option or purchase per invoice will be also be offered for “Petits Plaisirs” customers. Digital order confirmations and invoices in the sales outlets shall make life easier for customers. “The tradition of the family-owned company of pleasure, creativity and individual customer service looks back on a more than 180-year history. Increasing digitalization shall not change that. With ʻone world’ we are transporting our service promise into the digital world,” stated Maurice Ruckstuhl, who went on to conclude: “Handcrafted confectionary art combined with the 360° customer view facilitates a future orientation in all business areas.”