iS2 x BSI: from personalized customer journey to optimized lead generation

Nadine Opp
Key Account Managerin, BSI

What customer experiences can help insurers stand out these days? What effective levers are there for improving your lead generation strategy?

The partnership between iS2 and BSI shows how interactive online calculators can be used as lead magnets to create compelling customer journeys.

The essentials at a glance:

  • The challenge for insurers: innovative strategies for generating leads.
  • Specialist for software solutions and IT consulting iS2 and BSI have joined forces to offer effective solutions.
  • iS2's basic pension calculator serves as a lead magnet for customer journeys that are implemented using BSI.
  • Hybrid customers in particular value the benefits offered by quick calculation tools that are integrated into the consultation journey.

We know that reaching potential customers can be a challenge in the insurance sector. The market is very competitive. An optimized lead generation strategy can help a company get ahead of the competition. Personalized customer experiences and integrated lead magnets are interesting solutions in this regard.

Partnership between iS2 and BSI offers solutions for hybrid marketing

Hybrid customers have long been a reality and present challenges for insurers. Hybrid customers want to do their own research but still value personal contact. This means that insurers can benefit from new, technology-based consultation models as well as a combination of digital and analog channels. Quick calculators can serve as integrated components of an optimized customer experience.

Thanks to the partnership with iS2 – a provider of 360° IT services for insurers' omnichannel marketing activities – an interactive, quick basic pension calculator can be integrated into the customer journey in BSI as a lead magnet. This use case was presented at the 2022 BSI Customer Summit in Zurich.

How it works

An insurer sends an e-mail highlighting the relevance of saving for retirement and the benefits of combining a subsidized basic pension and a private fund policy. The recipients are invited to find out for themselves about the benefits applying to their situation using links to the quick calculator. After using the online calculator, the contacts receive automated, personalized e-mails, perhaps containing references to the possibility of clarifying any questions or discussing their personal insurance needs.

The benefits

  • Online calculators can quickly give potential customers an overview of the services and products on offer, and are a fun way for them to carry out research or run through different scenarios.
  • The interaction with the user personalizes the offer, which makes it more relevant.
  • Complex products and services in particular benefit from online calculators because they allow customers to independently explore the ways and extent to which the offer can benefit them.
  • As a marketing or sales manager, this gives you pre-qualified leads who are much more open to a consultation.

Ideally, online calculators should be seen as part of a more comprehensive lead generation strategy rather than used as a stand-alone acquisition tool. Solutions such as the BSI Customer Suite can help in this regard by facilitating holistic communications with customers across all channels and points of contact.

About our partner:

iS2 Intelligent Solution Services AG provides innovative software solutions and IT consulting to companies in the insurance and finance sectors. As a flexible and reliable IT service provider, we offer a full range of technical solutions and specific expertise to make your insurance marketing a success.

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