GRAVITY and BSI: Enhanced user engagement through interactive system onboarding

Mark Schlund
Operations, Gravity

Our customer, Sanitas Troesch, has implemented BSI CRM in several locations of one of its business units. User onboarding is considered an essential component of software implementation to ensure the project’s success and achieve the desired added value that matches the project investment. For that reason, Sanitas Troesch turned to GRAVITY for its employee onboarding. GRAVITY is on top of the CRM system as an “additional layer” and allows process owners to write instructions directly into the application. Picture post-its but in a digital format. As a result, users have all the information they need, where and when they need it, directly in the application and the individual process steps. The result is a win across the board because the more intuitive your CRM system is, the happier your employees will be, the faster you can implement or customize the solution, and the better your customer service will ultimately be.

Based on this successful implementation, all our customers now have the opportunity to

use GRAVITY for their employee training in BSI CRM because BSI is now included in GRAVITY’s series of supported standard applications.

“With GRAVITY as an integral part of user onboarding and engagement management, we have been able to maximize the impact BSI CRM has. Release management, in particular, becomes much more effective when you use GRAVITY,“
Adrian Meier, Digital Project Manager at Sanitas Troesch.

Adrian Meier, Digital Project Manager bei Sanitas Troesch

GRAVITY’s benefits for your CRM system from BSI

  • Simplified onboarding
    Workflow and help documentation are integrated directly into the CRM system. Users receive precisely the help they need in the individual processes. With this help at the onset, companies can maintain a high level of productivity and interactivity from the first moment of contact.
  • Long-term learning
    After the initial onboarding, specific functionalities can be retrained, processes can be consolidated, and new releases can be pushed. When using GRAVITY in BSI CRM, your users retain the material they learn for the long term.
  • Ensuring the business case
    Employees know faster what they need to do and need less help, which, in turn, means fewer quality problems throughout the process, thus improving the work results. Needless to say, these positives may, in addition to having direct positive effects on your customers, also be reflected in improved customer ratings.

About our partner

Our partners at Gravity Global AG know that training employees on company software is as easy as learning a computer game. By transferring the successful onboarding methods used with computer games into the corporate world, Gravity Global, with its solution, helps its customers realize the full value of their IT investments. GRAVITY can be used with any web-based enterprise software.

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