Contact-Center-Lösung for UBS Card Center

Cross-departmental, all-in-one solution

Products: BSI CRM, Custom solution | Industry: Financial institutions

UBS Card Center AG – a UBS AG group company – is a leading Swiss card processor and card issuer that processes around 1.5 million credit cards.

Through its many years of experience along with its modern and fully client-capable infrastructure, UBS Card Center partners can profit from very flexible, extremely needs-oriented solutions. Its offer ranges from the processing of very simple basic products, to premium cards for the most sophisticated customer segments and complex corporate customer solutions.

Since May 2010, UBS Card Center has been the first Swiss issuing processor with a PCI DSS certification, which means it meets the strictest security requirements of the international payment card industry. At the same time, as a participating organization, UBS Card Center supports the review and upgrading of the PCI Data Security Standard (PSI DSS) rules as part of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

“With BSI we are confident that we have state-of-the-art technology to meet the coming years.” Paul Hess, CIO UBS Card Center.”

Paul Hess, former CIO UBS Card Center 

Together with BSI, a cross-departmental, all-in-one solution was developed with BSI, which combines all the company’s data in a single system and seamlessly depicts the customer inquiry process flows.


  • Customer inquiries are set up as business cases when received and then routed through the company.
  • The Process Wizard guides staff through work steps predefined for specific processes. Such as “card lost”)
  • The system documents each step – no data is lost
  • Connection to the UBS Card Center Services Bus
  • 360° customer view
  • Optimized identification process
  • Through CTI integration, all relevant customer is directly available and can be viewed
  • Significant reduction of multiple phone calls
  • Increases staff competence and the ability to provide information with an intelligent info system