BSI CRM for Metzler

Bankhaus Metzler maintains customer relationships with BSI CRM

Bankhaus Metzler in Frankfurt

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Financial insitutions

Bankhaus Metzler has decided to replace the separate solutions operated by its individual departments with a new, central CRM system.

The focus is on attaining a holistic view of the customer with contact and activities management together with campaign management. The Unicode capability and multilingualism of the system were particularly important when it came to deploying a new system. 

«Tradition and innovation must go hand in hand.»

Friedrich von Metzler, personally liable shareholder


  • Gradual replacement of decentralized databases with the central solution BSI CRM.
  • Connection to Lotus Notes groupware on the server
  • Meeting of all legal requirements; permissions checked through compliance and flexibly designed to enable subsequent changes.

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