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AMAG captures customer engagement data systematically with BSI. The goal is a delightful customer experience, efficient marketing, and higher sales at lower costs.

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About AMAG

AMAG has been delighting autophiles since 1945. It is the Swiss general importer of VW, Škoda, Audi, and Seat, the popular Volkswagen Group brands, and Volkswagen commercial vehicles. The AMAG Group, with about 6,600 employees, generated annual sales of CHF 4.7 billion in 2019.

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Our corporate cultures are a good fit, and we are on the same wavelength. It is obvious that BSI loves to build software for its customers.
Jörg Stebler, Head of Customer Relationship Management, AMAG Import AG

About the project

To understand its customers and their mobility needs, AMAG captures customer engagement data systematically with BSI, thus ensuring a delightful customer experience, efficient marketing, and higher sales at lower costs.

  • A focus on customer needs

For AMAG, the 360° customer view in the CRM and the comprehensive and cross-departmental customer history are essential. AMAG uses BSI to service 750,000 current customers on a company-wide CRM platform in its private-party and corporate businesses; the software includes solutions for marketing, sales, and current customer management. The company processes up to 5,000 customer contacts a day in the CRM. Thanks to coordinated and more efficient marketing, AMAG has increased sales while lowering its costs simultaneously.

  • Seamless, coordinated customer management

With BSI, AMAG was able to unify its IT system landscape. Before, in contrast, it had been impossible to determine meaningful key figures, map efficient processes, and proactively serve customers due to disjointed data statuses. With BSI, AMAG employees can systematically capture customer engagement data and use it actively in customer support and sales.

  • Automated duplicate management

Each address that is entered or changed runs through an automated rule engine, which checks the correctness of addresses, thus preventing duplicates. With this automation effort, the number of addresses employees have to check manually has dropped from 5,000 a day to an absolute minimum. The result is high data quality at a small personal effort.


With BSI, you get a centralized, virtual sales workstation with access to all relevant customer information, increasing the probability of a successful sale.

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Jörg Stebler, Head CRM/Projects at AMAG

In our positive collaboration with BSI, I particularly value the company’s strong customer orientation and the practical, solution-oriented implementation of the CRM system.

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Zeno Hug, Creator of Customer Delight

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