New Scout version 10 released

The official Scout version 10 has been released as part of the Eclipse simultaneous release 2020-03 and is now publicly available. In this article we highlight some of the new features such as the new web tool stack, support for IntelliJ IDEA and versatile enhancements in the UI section. The complete release notes can be found here.

New Web Tool Stack

Scout updates its web tool stack from a custom implementation to a standard setup based on Node.js, Webpack and Babel. This was required as some of the frameworks used until now (e.g. to minimize CSS and JavaScript code or to run JavaScript tests) cannot handle modern code and are no longer supported (end-of-life).

Thanks to the benefits of the new tool stack, it is now possible to write modern JavaScript code which will be transpiled at build time, so that old browsers can still execute the code. Furthermore, it is easier to integrate and update 3rd party JavaScript frameworks available in the public npm registry.

Support for IntelliJ IDEA

We are happy to announce Scout support for IntelliJ IDEA, which combines the power of IntelliJ and Scout and gives you more flexibility in choosing your favorite development environment.

However, as this is the very first version of the IntelliJ plugin, not all features that are available in Eclipse are available in IntelliJ yet. The current set of features supported by release 10 can be found in the “What’s New” section in the plugin description. We are working towards closing the gaps and bring your favorite Eclipse features to IntelliJ as well. More features will come soon.

Widget Enhancements

Scout’s widget library becomes more powerful and stable with every new release. A lot of small improvements and bugfixes have been made for release 10, but here are some of the highlights in the UI section:

Visualize table data as tile grid

The table now allows to toggle between the regular view, where data is presented as table rows, and a tile grid, where data is presented with different types of tiles, like a business card or a pie-chart as shown below.

Close, move and resize popups

The popup has now similar features than a classic modal dialog. There are new properties to control if a popup is closable, movable or resizable. This makes the popup more versatile and allows to use it as a lightweight replacement for old school dialogs.

GroupBox with menu bars in title

Additional to the existing possibilities to position a menu-bar in a group box, it’s now possible to position a menu-bar in the title area, which is neat when screen space is scarce.

That’s just a small excerpt from all the new features in the UI section of release 10. Check out the chapter Widget Enhancements in the Scout release notes, to see the complete list of features.

Get to know Scout

Visit our project page, make your first steps with Scout using the comprehensive documentation, and check out the Scout forum if you have questions around a specific topic.