How HDI designs customer experiences in BSI Studio

HDI, a pioneer in digital transformation, counts on BSI Studio for its customer experience management. The stated goal is to engage the right customers and prospective customers at the best time with the right message and on the right channel. How has HDI embarked on the path toward greater customer orientation and automated customer engagement?

Customer experience management – step by step

Phase 1: By implementing its new BSI Insurance-based agency system, HDI creates the foundation for the digitization of its customer relationships.

Phase 2: HDI links BSI Studio, the marketing automation platform, to the CRM solution. With this solution, HDI can offer its customers suitable services exactly when they need them. BSI Studio runs in HDI’s Amazon cloud.

Phase 3: The educational work begins, and the company introduces BSI Studio internally. “The ‘join in and try it’ approach is very popular and makes it so much easier to understand BSI Studio than a classic presentation would. Many people find it hard at first to come up with applications. But it makes it all the more beautiful when our fellow employees develop their own ideas about how to use BSI Studio once they have been introduced to it,” says Juliane Czepak, Senior CRM and CX Manager at HDI.

Phase 4: After internal campaigns with BSI Studio and developing an agent story, HDI creates its first customer story intended to develop a newsletter subscriber base. In this context, what is already paramount to HDI and what is to become increasingly commonplace across all touchpoints in the future is this: to create added value for their customers.

Intelligent newsletter management with a 17.6 % subscription rate

The “direct sales” channel launched the first BSI Studio story directed to HDI customers. The first step involves the selection of customers with valid advertisement consent for the e-mail channel. Next, the target audience is identified exactly with the help of additional selection criteria. These customers are contacted by e-mail via BSI Studio to determine their interest in a newsletter. BSI Studio compiles those who are interested and sends them back to the CRM. With a subscription rate of over 17.6 %, the first customer story created in BSI Studio can be considered a success – the customer response is clearly above average and exceeds all expectations.

The first HDI customer story finds out if customers are interested in a newsletter, compiles those who are interested, and sends them back to the CRM.

“The next few steps are a breeze then, and customers who subscribed will automatically receive the current newsletter or other services in the future. We want to be there for our customers and give them the best possible support in their day-to-day lives. That is our main focus,” explains Juliane Czepak. A practical side effect is that e-mail contact information and advertising features are updated and saved automatically.

Into the New Year with BSI Studio

Juliane Czepak is a Senior CRM and CX manager at HDI. She is excited about the many possibilities BSI Studio offers for a dialogue with HDI’s customers.

Over Christmas, HDI launched two additional Studio stories: In the first story, agents were asked whether they or their customers would like to participate in a Christmas mailing. In the second story, the participating agents’ customers received a Christmas mailing on behalf of their account manager. Even though the query and story development occurred on rather short notice, HDI was able to contact some 16,000 customers with the story. And, since the focus was to make customers happy, there was not even a direct benefit for HDI. The customer feedback was overwhelming: In addition to cordial season’s greetings, many customers took this opportunity to communicate their concerns and requests. It goes without saying that these were processed promptly. This is what communication should be like: simple, straightforward, and fast.

Altogether, HDI launched as many as ten stories in BSI Studio last year. The roadmap for 2020 is already quite packed, and the company is developing more and more story ideas. “It's really exciting to see how BSI Studio is being utilized more and more internally, and how more and more stories are being developed. This happens primarily when company users themselves become delighted initially, and then promote BSI Studio in other departments,” says Juliane Czepak.

To be continued …