ESPRIT Netzwerk and BSI to modernize customer management at 19 Swiss banks

ESPRIT Netzwerk AG, headquartered in Solothurn, Switzerland, supports 26 banks and financial services providers in the German-speaking region of Switzerland with the ongoing optimization of their IT operations. In this effort, the SME network, with its roughly 50 employees, relies on its long-term collaboration with renowned software and business partners. To continue the digitalization of customer management and customer advisory services at its network banks, ESPRIT Netzwerk has now decided to work with the software company BSI. Nineteen banks have already opted for the CRM solution from BSI.

The ESPRIT network is the largest of its kind in Switzerland; until now, many of the banks involved have made smaller attempts to digitalize their customer business and support and integrate it into their core banking system. In this context, ESPRIT Netzwerk first developed a vision for customer service in the digital world. The goal was to strengthen the competitive position of its member banks in the customer service area as well, namely, based on a common strategy and joint technological standards. Following a call for tenders, BSI prevailed over eleven other competing companies. What, in particular, turned the scale in favor of BSI? BSI CRM’s well-thought-out design and quality, BSI’s strong position in the software market in the DACH region, and the extensive banking expertise BSI brings to the table, which is also reflected in the application itself. BSI counts renowned banks among its customers in Germany as well: Degussa Bank, Bankhaus Metzler, and Hanseatic Bank are just a few.

Additionally, the solution’s multitenancy played a central role: When using BSI CRM, entire groups of banks can be serviced with one IT system, while maintaining clean data separation and mapping complex authorization systems. This means that all network banks work with the same system, but at the same time, BSI can map individual features in the solution.

360° view of all customer data – integration of BSI CRM into the core banking system

The partners use software from Finnova, one of the country’s market leaders in this field, as their core banking system. Linking BSI CRM to Finnova through standard product interfaces was a complex challenge – but ultimately, it was the crucial puzzle piece leading to the success of the project. Thanks to BSI CRM and its link to Finnova, bank advisors now have a 360° view of customer data – an essential requirement for truly needs-oriented customer support.

A successful pilot project

At the end of March of this year, a test version of BSI went live in a pilot phase at four banks. Performance and feedback speak for themselves: operating the application is intuitive, the overview of the presented data is first-rate, and altogether, BSI CRM clearly facilitates the work customer advisors do. The plan is for the 15 other banks to follow suit by October. During the tender process, BSI impressed with its industry expertise and the scope of services the CRM solution provides. “With BSI, we have a strong software partner with extensive banking expertise on our side,” explains Noé Althaus, PO BSI CRM at ESPRIT Netzwerk. “The well-thought-out design and the quality of the CRM solution won us over. The BSI team is always open to ideas and requests from its customers and is, therefore, the ideal partner for constructive solutions.”