Best-in-Class Customer Experience

We congratulate our customer Möbel Pfister AG upon their award nomination in the "Customer Experience" category for the Golden Headset Awards 2019. Customer experience has been essential to Pfister long before the term was coined. Since its founding in 1882, service leadership has been the core value for the Swiss furnishings retail market leader. Advancing digital transformation is now driving changing customer demands on the service champion. The growing number of touchpoints, data and channels complicate a seamless customer experience.

How Pfister met these changes and what convinced the jury

Within its Strategy 2020, the popular furnishing house set the goal of transferring the service experience into the digital age. This includes taking care of customer concerns quickly, in an uncomplicated manner and regardless of channel, and capturing them where they arise: at the POS, on the phone, at the register or upon delivery. Customers will be impressed with a needs-appropriate customer journey and surprisingly simple service, before, during and after their purchase. 1,200 employees and 200 apprentices are pursuing this goal within the scope the company’s cross-channel strategy; online, in the contact center, in 20 stores, when delivering as well as with individual post-purchase service experiences. This holistic, feel-good service impressed the jury.

Digital Service Leadership

We at BSI are very pleased that we were able to support Pfister on its way towards digital service leadership, with a central CRM solution on the one hand, which enables a seamless customer experience with a 360° customer view and the integration of all touchpoints along with a high level of automation. While on the other hand, also with the mobile delivery platform, which replaces physical delivery slips. Delivery teams today are equipped with tablets containing all data relevant for delivery to the customer. If something goes wrong, the customer concern is entered directly on the tablet as a business case, and if need be, routed to the customer service team without delay.

We are pleased that Pfister convinces its customers as well as the jurors not only with their wonderful product range, but with its holistic service excellence as well – and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the entire Pfister Team, in the hope that they win the Golden Headset Award 2019 in the "Customer Experience" category!