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Benefit from our AI-powered Customer Suite specifically designed for your industry. It provides seamless customer journeys and transforms company-wide processes – at scale and fast. Pre-configured use cases simplify adoption.


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Why BSI?

Fast track to profitable customer experiences

Five compelling reasons to choose us

Exceptional industry expertise
It's a breeze to implement our solutions, with a drag-and-drop approach that fast-tracks configuration and deployment for your industry. Keeping you laser-focused on your customers, and providing a continuous 360° view that sets you up with actions timed to get to market ahead of the rest.
Seamless integration
Right out of the box, and specifically designed for your industry, our uniquely configurable software is easily integrated with your existing IT systems. Most of our no-code and low-code solutions require configuration only, saving time and expense, and ensuring precise implementation.
Easy scalability
Why wait? Thanks to our industry cloud solution, industry-specific process and industry-relevant connectors, you can expect early wins – meaning visible, scalable outcomes from the outset. Start light, then grow with us, at your pace, to your profit.
Compatibility guaranteed
We ensure built-in compliance with all relevant societal, industry-specific, and organisational standards and regulations. And we go further, with digital solutions that promote customer connection and trust to build the strong ESG proposition that successful businesses must demonstrate today.
Profitable personalization
For us, close collaboration is no empty slogan – it’s a lifetime commitment. We stay close by your side, with personal service and support throughout our collaboration. Working in step with you to minimise risk and deliver profitable success for your business. Software and people together – that's BSI.
Why BSI Customer Suite?

AI-powered customer interactions

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Holistic customer data

Holistic customer data

All your customer data from any source in one platform.

BSI Customer Suite products:

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Decisions powered by Artificial Intelligence

Decisions powered by Artificial Intelligence

Real-time analytics for actionable insights.

BSI Customer Suite products:
BSI Insight

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Personal interactions and processes

Personal interactions and processes

Seamless, hyper-personal customer processes and journeys.

BSI Customer Suite products:
BSI Engage

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BSI strengthens its European presence by acquiring the renowned fintech riskine

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BSI specialist expertise

Just right for you

BSI is more than "just" a software solution: it’s a living ecosystem. Our powerful platform gives you access to our capable partner network, practical templates, technical expertise on CRM, automation and artificial intelligence, ready-made solutions for your use cases, and much more.

In short, a ‘business out of the box’ solution for the Retail, Banking, Insurance and Energy & Utilities industries, delivering instantly usable, seamless processes, rich customer journeys, actionable insights and critical KPIs, always in line with the latest regulatory requirements.

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Broker Relationship Management

More transparency in broker sales

BSI use cases

The right solution for (almost) every problem

What if you saw challenges not as problems to be overcome, but as opportunities to strengthen relationships with your customers? We do.

Find out how you can use BSI Customer Suite to digitalise your customer management. From Electronic Signature to Smart Contact Center, delivering the solutions you need.

BSI success stories

How we help make good things happen

Every day, BSI makes profit-winning customer proximity deliver for a wide range of companies across the industry spectrum. And we do it at scale: each BSI solution manages an average of 27 million relationships, logs 70 million annual interactions, incorporates 23 systems and has 4,000 users.

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Silvia Bauer, Senior CRM Manager, HDI

What makes the difference with BSI is their closeness with customers. You don’t just have a standard placed before you, but are able to actively co-develop the roadmap.
We are BSI

Transforming your business is our passion

As a leading provider of holistic customer management software, we have a 27-year track record of developing and operating platforms that have fundamentally transformed the performance of businesses like yours and their customers.

For you, customer centricity is paramount. For us, it's our passion.

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BSI Customer Suite

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