BSI CRM Indigo:
CRM software that suits
your daily needs.

Solid customer relationships require robust CRM software. Designed as real workware, BSI CRM Indigo delivers more structure, character and design to customer data and customer processes – and hence greater workday convenience.

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Saves you work,
time and costs.

BSI CRM Indigo simplifies and accelerates your CRM processes. Profit from seamless support in dialogue with customers.

  • Automation through customer intelligence
  • Process support
  • Low training costs

As multifaceted and agile
as your market

Each industry, each company and each customer is different. That’s why BSI CRM Indigo’s comprehensive functions are flexibly adaptable and quick to launch.

  • Industry templates
  • Easy configuration
  • Modularly applicable

Makes customer proximity
more attractive

Who says that CRM is not sexy? The BSI CRM Indigo user interface is beautiful, ergonomic and intuitively operable. 

  • User-friendly web interface
  • For desktops, tablets and smart phones
  • Intelligent visualizations

New to BSI? Here’s why it’s worth getting on board:

We have lived with and been dedicated to CRM for 20 years. Around 120,000 users are already working with our solutions daily. Our recipe for success: love for our customers and software. We meet every challenge – including yours – with passion. We supply everything from a single source so that experts, IT and users remain satisfied in the long term: with attractive service and sustainable investment models.

Ready to try it on?

Whether for a personal software demo or a custom offer, I look forward to responding to your enquiry. Always within 24 hours and usually even faster.

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BSI CRM Indigo can do that

Would you like CRM software that seamlessly supports you in sales, marketing and service? Or an agile CRM tool that you can use quickly and just as you need it? BSI CRM is both, thanks to its strict modular structure and open technology. Whether B2C, B2B, department or group: BSI CRM adapts to your business, your processes and your IT environment, and not vice versa.

BSI CRM’s Functions