Social media marketing Acquiring new customers via social media

On social media, you find your target group where its members prefer to be. Using lookalike audiences, you can accurately reach the right individuals. Needs-oriented, relevant content achieves high conversions and minimizes scatter loss. You import leads in real time directly into BSI CX with the Zapier interface and, using personalized messages, inspire new prospects to start their customer journey.


Data directly available in the CRM Automatic import with the Zapier interface

Relevant Facebook user data is transmitted directly to BSI CX over the Zapier interface when a person clicks on an ad. Since the CRM is fully integrated into the BSI Customer Suite, you have the new prospect’s first name, last name and e-mail address available to you in real time, thus starting a new customer journey.

Selecting customers and creating a lookalike audience Find your best customers’ twins with targeting

By identifying your top customers, you can use BSI CX to specifically find people with the same characteristics. In the CRM solution, you select your preferred customers and derive important characteristics from them. You export these profiles to the desired social platforms, such as Facebook. This is how you create a lookalike audience that you can use to reach your preferred customers’ statistical twins. You are now engaging precisely the group of people who find your offer particularly appealing.

Delivering personalized ads Provide your target customers with relevant content

The selected data give you detailed knowledge of your audience’s interests, likes and needs. You even know the style and tone your audience likes the relevant content to be in. This approach allows you to reach your target group with customized messages.

Omnichannel Visible on all channels

Your customers switch fluidly between different channels. Thanks to BSI CX, you know which channel they prefer at what time. Using an omnichannel strategy, you are always wherever your target group likes to spend time and meet your future top customers where they are at home.

Minimizing scatter loss Increase conversions with high-level personalization

You forgo widely dispersed content with low conversions, avoiding the risk of annoying your preferred customers with irrelevant content. Instead, you send highly personalized content and create a high degree of identification potential, thus increasing the likelihood that customers will respond to your ad proactively and with interest.

Did you know?

More than half of all new products are discovered with social media feeds (Hootsuite, 2020).

Use social media management to target and reach your preferred customers

An example: The “Beginning a customer journey” story

Tim is your favorite customer. He purchases a lot and loves your products. The best thing that can happen to you is finding more customers like Tim – customers with precisely the characteristics that make your favorite customer so valuable.

You could place ads at random and hope that someone like Tim will be among the recipients. Or, you can use a targeted approach to find exactly the right people and invite them to get in touch with you, using highly relevant and appealing messages

You export the selection of Tim’s customer data to the desired social platforms, such as Facebook. Now you can engage Tim’s statistical twins in the same manner that always delights him.

One of these twins is Max. He sits on his sofa and surfs his social media channels on his tablet. Your ad pops up, and he is instantly interested because the content is perfectly tailored to him. Max clicks on the ad, is transferred right away, and his information goes directly into BSI CX over the interface.

Immediately following, Max automatically receives a personalized e-mail that provides further content detail and promises attractive benefits. Max is compelled and eager to start his customer journey with your brand.

Social media marketing White paper: Successful online customer acquisition in the retail industry

By designing your customer journey effectively, you can be more successful with lead generation than ever before, thanks to customer segmentation and omnichannel marketing. We can show you how to overcome the five challenges of social media marketing, how to identify your marketing audience, and what capabilities your tech stack needs.


New customers with high conversions and negligible scatter loss

With BSI CX, you can easily create selections of the customers you want to have. Social media platforms then provide an excellent basis for a perfectly designed lookalike audience. You send relevant content exclusively, and you have negligible scatter loss and a high conversion rate. With your omnichannel strategy, you reach satisfied consumers with content that is perfectly tailored to them and altogether serves their interests. Each new lead goes directly into the CRM, automatically triggering a new, personalized customer journey.


For 1/4 of all users who see a social media ad, the purchase probability is up to 50%. (Statista, 2020)

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