Digital contracting integrated into your TAA processes

Whether IDD, GDPR, the Insurance Contract Act (ICA) or most recently the Disclosure and Transparency Regulation: regulatory and legal requirements are constantly increasing. Seamless digital offer processes allow you to acquire customers in an efficient and legally secure manner. Use BSI’s electronic signature and other comprehensive options offered by the BSI Customer Suite to digitize offer processes and contract closing in a legally secure manner.

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    according to customer surveys

    Verifiable digital contract closing Signature processes, independent of location and time

    Applications are often still signed on paper. Documents have to be printed out, sent by mail, signed, returned by mail, scanned, and processed manually. This is a time-consuming and costly process. Thanks to BSI’s electronic signature, signatures can be obtained digitally at the click of a mouse – legally secure, verifiable and, above all, independent of location and time. Refusals and the subsequent need to obtain customer information are a thing of the past. Agents can obtain customer signatures both in person on their laptop as well as remotely at a later date.

    Black box processing thanks to seamless integration Ideally embedded in TAA processes and customer communication

    The electronic signature offers the greatest possible added value when it is integrated into TAA processes and customer communication, because only seamless processes achieve a high degree of automation and thus maximum process efficiency. The REST interface integrates BSI’s electronic signature quickly and seamlessly into existing system landscapes, enabling black box processing of signed documents using robotic process automation.

    Electronic signature in the BSI Customer Suite Automated document and signature workflows

    The electronic signature is integrated into the BSI Customer Suite. Your advantage: comprehensive and intelligent automated end-to-end customer processes from offer creation and signatures through to archiving and triggering follow-up processes. This applies to closing new contracts as well as to changes to existing ones, partial withdrawals, cancellations, premium reductions, SEPA mandates and more. Agents or internal sales staff upload documents into the customer portal. The customer is informed automatically, signs digitally, and the signed documents are automatically picked up and placed on work lists for the internal sales staff.


    BSI’s electronic signature

    The perfect solution for your TAA workflows with digital signatures

    Your advantages

    Simple, legally secure, and in accordance with eIDAS (EU) and ZertES (CH) (AES/QES)
    Seamless integration into existing TAA and communication processes as well as system landscapes
    Quick adaptation of functions and design
    Intelligent and automated end-to-end customer processes

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