Campaign management – hyper-personalized and accurate

Scattered campaigns are a thing of the past: reach your customers exactly where the chance of success is greatest. The BSI Customer Suite helps you plan, execute, and evaluate campaigns and use the results as a template to improve the campaign automatically.

    for companies implementing customer centricity measures (
    for companies implementing customer centricity measures (
    Successful campaign management

    Three factors for success


    Surprise and convince your customers with personalized communication at the right moment. Addressing your customers personally and recognizing their signals leads to higher sales.

    Channel independent

    With BSI, you can query customer satisfaction across every channel – all results are available immediately throughout the whole BSI Customer Suite and can be used for ongoing campaigns.

    Real time

    The holistic approach of the BSI Customer Suite helps you benefit from having all data available across all systems in real time. Design cross-departmental journeys which can be monitored and optimized even while being executed – and which will delight your customers.

    Eliminate data silos One solution instead of several tools

    In order to orchestrate campaigns efficiently and with the best possible outcomes, many resort to specialized tools. However, this often leads to laborious data-base consolidation, and due to the delayed exchange, the information in the respective systems is not always up-to-date. The BSI Customer Suite contains all the necessary tools (or functions) and processes data in real time. Reactions to campaigns can thus be evaluated directly and used for optimization.

    Cross-divisional cooperation Cooperation instead of lone wolves

    The BSI Customer Suite not only brings together data, but also departments. Whether marketing, service, or sales – the BSI Customer Suite unites the divisions. Easy-to-configure 360° views allow each department access to the relevant data. Above all, the customer profits from this: A company’s individual divisions know about the customer’s possible contact points with other divisions and can thus offer a comprehensive service.

    “Participate” feature Efficient, automated, individual

    The “participate” feature of the BSI Customer Suite offers customers from the insurance and banking industry a strong added value: When central offices plan a campaign, decentralized offices, such as branch offices and agencies, are informed about it automatically via the BSI Customer Suite. If they wish, they can then take part in the campaigns using their own customer data. Moreover, the campaign can be individualized based on the users’ wishes. The benefits: less use of time and resources as well as an efficient structuring of the campaign process.


    The BSI Customer Suite

    Digitize the customer relationship and create unique experiences – automated, in real time, and across all touchpoints.

    Your benefits

    Digitize your sales with our online consulting product. The BSI Engage module handles supporting and administrative tasks – from automated appointment scheduling and the “virtual sales room” to electronic signature for digital case closure;
    As a central information system, BSI CRM provides all relevant information and data for any application purpose and across departmental boundaries;
    Whether it is inbound mail automation, next best action, churn detection, or lead scoring – our AI product BSI AI supports you in analyzing your data and helps you with small and large decisions regarding customer-relationship management;
    Our Customer Data Platform BSI CDP collects data from various sources and provides meaningful customer profiles – in real time;
    Organize your connectivity within your ecosystem and create new connections. Our Enterprise Integration Platform BSI EIP offers numerous standardized interfaces which can be easily configured, optimized, and surveilled via a central interface – so that your data can have more impact.

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