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In collaboration with our partners, we simplify complex matters, and our ultimate goal is to make our customers happy. Our partners supplement our product and solution portfolio, from CRM to CX, in different ways, but always related to adding value for our customers.

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Customer journeys in insurance

The strategic partnership between msg and BSI focuses on providing consulting services to insurers in customer journey management. There, we jointly count on the SDA SE Open Industry Solutions’ architecture.


Together we are more than business

With a long-term BSI partnership, we stand for sustainable CRM and CX implementations for our customers. Since our focus is on people, we develop custom-fit solutions to achieve joint success.


Trigger-based marketing

Working together with gateB, a consulting and implementation company, we help customers make the best use of digital opportunities and design smarter customer relationships.


Customer journey design

Together with BSI, admire makes sure that the right message gets to customers at the right touchpoint and at the right time, leading to the creation of automated, personalized customer journeys in BSI.


Voice-based customer service

With the AI voice technology from Spitch, also incorporated into BSI, our customers can design voice-controlled customer journeys with BSI, from customer support to order processing.


Online communication in banking

Our collaboration with unblu has made online touchpoints such as live video and voice available in BSI. With this addition, banks can design seamless customer journeys while offering maximum convenience to their customers


Digital touchpoints in banking

In a joint effort with Soranus and its process methodology and many years of project experience, we offer banks a comprehensive package to integrate digital touchpoints into the process landscape.

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Intelligent customer service

With its focus on smart appointment coordination in customer service, Service Ocean, together with BSI, ensures better accessibility and more efficient call distribution in your contact center.


Triggers for more customer interaction

The incorporation of Novadoo’s “appreciation platform” into BSI lets customers build gift triggers into the customer journey to promote customer interaction.


Data quality for customer acceptance

As a backend system, the Uniserv Customer Data Hub is the “golden record” and is available for BSI to consistently maintain high levels of CRM data quality.


Sustainable insurance sales

Compeople’s contribution to BSI includes integrated automation, AI, and mobile consulting solutions, which create the foundation for providing individualized consulting support for policyholders.


Digital customer journeys for financial services providers

Together, PPI Schweiz and BSI design customer journeys for banks and insurance companies, allowing them to efficiently manage website inquiries and utilize the full potential of sales and upselling opportunities.


Smart solutions for personalized journeys

Younity builds bridges between digital needs in marketing and technological possibilities for agencies and their customers.

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Highly automated customer interaction

BSI and Adcubum relied on the seamless and intelligent integration of their standard solutions BSI CRM and adcubum SYRIUS, in order to simplify joint customer projects.


Strong campaign management

BSI and Finnova team up for “campaign management” in the banking industry. BSI CX is integrated into the Finnova banking software within the “Client Engagement Suite”.


Everything to enhance the user experience

finleap connect and BSI share the mission of providing customers with a compelling UX. With its open banking platform, finleap connect, in partnership with BSI, allows customers to share data with their insurance company or bank at any time.

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Chatbot & CRM

Enterprise Bot's chatbot is seamlessly connected to the BSI Customer Suite, combining the strengths of the 360° CRM system with the advantages of a flexible and intelligent chatbot platform.


A strong full-stack partner

With ajco solutions, BSI has a full-stack partner by its side in areas ranging from sales to development. ajco provides CX and CRM consulting services to its customers, intending to fully utilize the digitization potential in sales, service and marketing.


Digital Ethics

BSI is a corporate member of SWISS INSIGHTS, a Swiss advocacy group representing all stakeholders collecting or processing data or developing applications from data. SWISS INSIGHTS promotes the transparent and fair handling of data and has developed the “Data Fairness” label for this purpose.


CRM, AI and Market Research

Together with the market research company GIM Suisse, BSI has developed an AI solution to optimize the customer journey with the help of market research insights. The solution is available as part of the BSI Customer Suite.


A complex world. Simple processes.

IP Dynamics specializes in comprehensive enterprise solutions for contact centers and process control areas. Thanks to their seamless integration into BSI, intuitive navigation is guaranteed.


Print mailing automation at Deutsche Post

Seamlessly integrate your print mailings into your marketing automation system. Plan them, set them up and manage them there with ease. Data-based, automated and integrated – for customer engagement with maximum efficiency.



sandsiv+ is an enterprise-grade – end-to-end – fully integrated Voice of the Customer engine that will give you the power to reimagine your organization around customers, deliver greater value, and generate stronger revenue.


Business Communication

With its solutions and services, intelligent infrastructure, and patented technology, Retarus manages communication for companies worldwide. Retarus’ state-of-the-art technologies, highly available data centers, and innovative cloud messaging platform offer maximum security, maximum performance, and business continuity.


360° Conversational Platform

iAdvize is a 360° conversational platform for marketing, conversational commerce and customer service. It connects brands with their customers through omnichannel messaging 24/7. iAdvize’s AI automatically connects online buyers with the most suitable contact person, which might be an intelligent chatbot, an independent expert, branch staff or a customer service rep.


The Leading Underwriting Platform

Consor Universal is the leading underwriting platform for commercial business and highly personalized insurance business. It is used to calculate, create and manage customized offers and policies.


CX/CRM for the financial sector

We help customers to execute innovative and tailored customer experience and CRM campaigns. Benefit from our extensive sector, IT and implementation expertise gained from working on many successful projects.


Hyper-personalization – for everyone

PBM offers a secure platform for personalized customer dialog. With the PBM business engine, any medium (text, image, animation, audio, video) can be personalized and distributed across all channels.


AI-based identity verification

PXL Vision is the Swiss market leader for highly secure and fully automated AI-based identity verification solutions. PXL Vision's solutions integrate seamlessly with mobile or web-based platforms.


Headless CMS

Founded in 1997 with a vision to create the first truly open content management system, today Magnolia is the fastest way to launch digital experiences. Companies who want to move fast and stay flexible choose Magnolia because we blend the power of an enterprise DXP solution with the agility of a headless CMS.


Interactive system onboarding

Inspired by the successful onboarding methods used in computer games, GRAVITY will help you maximize the value of your IT investments. With GRAVITY, you can write text directly in BSI. As a result, users receive instructions right as they work in BSI and know exactly what they need to do – without any manuals or traditional training.


Dominic Testrut, Executive Vice President Insurance at msg

In BSI, we have gained a strategic and dependable partner, and together, we are creating our clients’ future customer journeys and customer experience.

Becoming a BSI partner

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