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Arvato Supply Chain Solutions uses BSI for its service portfolio in the customer services area, laying the foundation for the continued automation and digitization of its customer service processes.

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About Arvato

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is an international supply chain and e-commerce service provider. The company currently employs about 400 customer service agents at several international locations. Customer service is part of the extensive logistics and fulfillment services that Arvato manages for renowned customers in industries such as fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

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The intelligent management of customer inquiries along complex supply chain processes and the balancing act between automation and personalization are critical factors to success. We have been able to accomplish this together with our partner BSI, a company that has a vast amount of retail expertise.
Christina Frank, Vice President Customer Service at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

About the project

Arvato stands for e-commerce services that provide the very best end customer experience. That is precisely why the company wanted to be future-ready and create a customer service portfolio with BSI that stands out clearly from other market solutions.

  • Keeping an eye on customer journeys from A to Z

With BSI, Arvato can view the entire shopping experience, from beginning to end. Interfaces were used to set up a fully integrated systems landscape consisting of CRM and ERP. This integration provides complete transparency for warehouse and transportation management. It also allows Arvato’s customer service agents to display routinely any process in the customer journey, from order to delivery and payment.

  • The hub in customer service

BSI, with its consistent look and feel, serves as the primary customer service tool. Arvato benefits from the solution’s multi-client capability, its flexibility in configuring customer service processes, the straightforward integration of new communication channels, and its clear user interface.


BSI will support you with seamless processes along the customer journey from the cash register to the contact center.

BSI for retail

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Christina Frank, Vice President Customer Service at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Our strategy is to always put our end customer at the center of all processes as we implement cus-tomer-specific solutions. With BSI, we will continue to strengthen our focus on customer-centricity.

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