BSI presents BSI CRM 12.7 at the CallCenterWorld 2012

Winter release of the CRM software with 3 core emphases: reduction of complexity, greater flexibility with customizing and investment protection

The most obvious innovation in BSI CRM 12.7 is the cockpit, each user’s personal start screen, which is now designed with the look and feel of an airplane cockpit. Sales staff have their personal figures in view at all times: target markets and customers, leads, turnover, performance and much more. The cockpit becomes the central sales management tool for team and sales managers. Personnel and corporate networks are visualized graphically, as are marketing campaigns in the marketing module. This facilitates an overview of even the most complex networks and campaigns. E-mail campaigns can now provide landing pages, which can be set up directly in the marketing actions without IT knowledge. BSI CRM has also made great strides when it comes to customizing: Process steps are displayed as "swim lanes" in the process management. All value lists, forms, columns and reports, as well as text, processes, parameters and the user administration can be configured without IT knowledge. The configuration of each individual element can vary from client to client – a major advantage for complex, multinational organizations. All changes remain release-capable and can be imported and exported. This protects investments. BSI CRM 12.7 now runs purely as a Web solution and will be shipped at the end of January 2012. The latest BSI release can be experienced hands-on at the CallCenterWorld, from February 28th to March 1st in Berlin.

Graphic elements reduce complexity with large data volumes
“I recently listened to a presentation by Karin Frick from GDI about a study entitled, "The Age of Transparency", in which she clearly illustrated the vast amounts of data that we produce today and how these are extremely networked. Without graphic visualization, we would have no idea today just how they relate to one another. This also applies to a CRM: Countering growing complexity with a simple depiction – that is why we have built even more graphic elements into BSI CRM 12.7," commented Christian A. Rusche, CEO of BSI Business Systems Integration AG.

Simplification through graphics begins with the most obvious innovation in BSI CRM 12.7: the new cockpit, which contains around a dozen sales figures and statistics in a display that resembles an airplane cockpit. The equalizer, radar, tachometer and gear shift all provide information about turnover, contacts, leads, target customers and markets and more. The aggregated display, broken down by team, department or for the entire company over time periods, becomes a convenient sales management tool for team and sales managers. Each authorized user can also use the data to put together his or her own reports. In the process, they can choose which data and which time periods are to be shown and also how they are to be grouped and compared to the target values.

The new graphic depiction of networks in BSI CRM 12.7 visualizes connections between people, companies, departments, projects and more. These can be displayed organically, hierarchically and orthogonally. The granularity can be finely adjusted. A click on the respective element – person, company, project, etc. – opens the corresponding dialogue. All graphics can be saved or exported as a PDF with a mouse click.

BSI CRM 12.7 also provides a hierarchal chart display of the actions with assigned target groups and reactions in the marketing module. Marketing managers can use it to receive information about the status and success of their campaigns with a simple mouse click.

The depiction of process chains as so-called "swim lanes" in the process management also facilitates orientation in complex business processes. The administrator reaches the respective step with a mouse click and can then change, delete or insert – all on the fly and without IT knowledge.

Greater flexibility with customizing saves costs and increases independence
While CRM solutions must be adapted to meet the company's needs, companies do not want to be dependent on IT suppliers as a result. That’s why BSI focused on boosting the flexibility of BSI CRM when adapting it. Now all value lists, forms, fields, columns and reports, as well as text, parameters and the user administration can be configured without IT knowledge. This new structure enables the administrator to configure and control nearly every aspect of the application. The entire configuration – and also parts of it – can be exported and imported. This makes it possible to create custom templates for specific industries or to make customer adaptations. The export can also handle complex elements, such as forms, text modules and embedded graphics.

Release capability protects investments
All configurations in the administration view are 100 percent release-capable, which means they are retained during updates. The client capability was expanded even further. The configuration of each individual can now differ from client to client. This permits complex and multinational organizations to use specific implementations of BSI CRM for each business area or subsidiary. "Not only is BSI CRM now easier to operate, it is also more flexible. The need for individual, programmed adaptations of BSI CRM is significantly reduced," summarized Christian Rusche.

Marketing module: Create landing pages without IT knowledge
The greatest innovation in the BSI CRM marketing module is the option to design your own websites, or so-called landing pages. These enable you to send a link along with an e-mail promotion, which the customer can click on and be routed to a website personally designed by the person in charge of the campaign. This website can be designed in the marketing module and allows all the usual placeholders in BSI CRM. In addition, the reactions defined in the promotion can also be used on the landing page. In this way, the customer can sign up for or cancel an event, indicate vegetarian eating preferences or even correct data, such as his/her address. All entries made by the customer flow back into BSI CRM and can be used for other campaigns. Link tracking can be used to track which person has clicked on which link.

No programming knowledge is needed for all these activities. Microsoft Word can be used as a template editor; the necessary settings for publishing the landing pages are also made directly in BSI CRM.

BSI CRM in Web browsers
With the new release, BSI CRM can also be operated purely as a Web solution. It runs in all popular Internet browsers and offers nearly the same range of functions. “Our clear technical architecture made it very easy to also implement BSI CRM as a pure Web solution: SOA shows its true strengths here; the solution did not have to be reprogrammed, the business logic is identical," commented Christian Rusche.

First public hands-on at the CallCenterWorld 2012
BSI CRM 12.7 will be released at the end of January 2012. It is a fixed component in the fair kit for the CallCenterWorld, which shall take place from February 28th to March 1st, 2012 in Berlin.

Outlook for BSI CRM 12.8
After the classic Java client, the Web solutions and BSI CRM for iPhone, BSI CRM 12.8 will also run on tablets as well as smart phones with Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry operating systems. Also to be further upgraded are the support with graphical elements as well as the configurability; e.g. charts will also be integrated into document templates, which is practical for regular detailed reports. Your own complex rules can also be placed in the rulebook – again with no IT knowledge.

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