When reporting a bug helps to improve Eclipse.



When he writes about Automated Error Reporting Marcel Bruch uses this tagline "Because you can't fix what you don't know is broken".  I can only support this message and reporting broken stuff is more rewarding than just ranting too.

A good Bug in Bugzilla that is not a duplicate, includes good description, examples and steps to reproduce typically adds a lot of value for the project. Such bugs substantially reduce the effort for the project committer to come up with a fix. This makes it more tempting to actually fix the bug which in turn improves the experience for all Eclipse users.

To illustrate this mechanism I would like to share a small story about a recent JDT bug. It started as a discussion on our private company communication platform. In our Scout application we have a lot of inner-classes. When we try to open one of this inner-class with CTRL+Shift+T