Eclipse Scout to move to Perl 6

With the new capabilities of Perl 6 (“to make the future Perl even more insanely great — without, we hope, making it even more greatly insane”), the new release of  Parrot (“a virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and execute bytecode for dynamic languages”) implemented in Haskell (“twenty years of cutting edge research, it allows rapid development of robust, concise, correct software”), and renewed insights into the power of the command line and development environments (“Emacs outshines all other editing software in approximately the same way that the noonday sun does the stars. It is not just bigger and brighter; it simply makes everything else vanish.”) we have decided to move Eclipse Scout from Java to Perl 6 and abandon the cruft that is Java, Equinox, OSGi, SOAP, SOA, and the entire acronym hell. No more messing around with plugin.xml and slogging through an endless mess of tiny little Java files, all alike!