Does multi-front end = multi-problems?

Multi-device and single sourcing

A single code basis and an optimized GUI for each device and each platform? BSI’s platform-neutral technology makes it possible. This means that you have all your data and functions with you at all times and places. And with the appropriate level of security.

One platform for all devices

Make productive use of breaks and travel time, support mobile work processes, facilitate BYOD (bring your own device) and turn technical innovations into business success. BSI effectively implements these practical demands with a uniform central business logic, which is optimally displayed for each interface (GUI) and on every device.

Whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone: because we model software independently of the user interface, we implement your business logic only once. This means that there is no need to program different GUI technologies for different devices. Through this single sourcing approach from Eclipse Scout the development of separate applications for desktop browsers, tablets and mobiles is unnecessary, which reduces your IT time and expense for implementation, testing, distribution and maintenance.

During runtime, a rendering component from Scout takes on the depiction of the solutions as a Web application on an HTML5 basis.

The user interface created follows the responsive design principle – the depiction is optimized for display on the respective device. Regardless of whether the software is operated with a mouse or touch screen, the user interface optimally supports the user while working.

Multi-device and single sourcing: Consistent separation of logic and front-end

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