Software is our passion.
We love pouring your business requirements into software.

Good software through handcrafted expertise

Our mission is to develop good software. As producer of the standard products, BSI CRM, BSI Studio, BSI CTMS and various industry solutions, we invest substantial amounts of our turnover in product development. We also very much enjoy producing custom solutions for our customers.

Our software products are predominantly based on Java and open standards. We enjoy working with modern Web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, and use Scout JS or Angular in some projects – depending on the challenge, we choose the appropriate technology or framework. Technological diversity matters to us.

We offer our customers sustainable business applications that are enduring independently of us as a vendor and which are easily integrated into existing IT landscapes. That is why, whenever possible and expedient, we work with established standards and an open source technology stack.

Machine learning in the context of business applications

Machine learning in the context of business applications Intelligent process optimization with large data volumes is a good field of application for machine learning: e.g. for inbound processing with handwriting, image and text recognition. Or the automatic optimization of business processes or sentiment analysis. We are working on it!

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Efficient programming with the Scout framework

Our software products are based on the Eclipse Scout open source framework, which is developed entirely in Java and JavaScript. With the publication of Scout under the EPL open source license, we enable developers around the world to efficiently create business applications.

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All devices, one code basis – thanks to Eclipse Scout

The strength of Scout is its application model. It enables the implementation of complete application frontends in Java, which are fully independent from a specific UI technology. The UI technology currently used is based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

No gap in the software operation – cloud and on-premise

We pack our applications in standardized containers such as Docker Swarm and use orchestration tools such as Kubernetes or automations such as Ansible in order to minimize our customers' dependency on an operating model. With BSI software, a switch from cloud to cloud or to on-premise is possible.

Standard interfaces to peripheral systems

BSI software fits within any IT landscape – thanks to its open standards and flexible interfaces. We integrate data, hardware and software, building upon standards such as http(s), REST, JSON and SOA in the process.

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Tested security

Through regular security audits and the seamless integration of security technologies such as Java Authentication, JAAS and Kerberos Single Sign-on, our solutions not only profit from open architecture but also meet contemporary requirements in terms of security.

Testing innovative technologies in the BSI Lab

Building prototypes, hands-on testing of new technologies: The BSI Lab is our way of navigating into the future. We do not just talk about trends and hypes, but assess their added value and importance. This knowledge enables us to consistently react quickly and make a realistic assessment.

Have we made you curious?

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