The digital customer dialogue of the future

The digital tornado transforms marketing and communication at a high rate of speed. There are therefore many prognoses about the future of the customer relationship and marketing. But how can one separate the hype from developments to be taken seriously? In partnership with BSI, the think tank W.I.R.E. conducted on a project over several months in search of answers about the future of digital dialog. This resulted in the study "Decoding Digital Marketing - Scenarios for the future of men-machine interaction". The blog series “The digital customer dialog of the future” takes this up and translates the study results for various industries, professions and fields of application.

The study at a glance

Stephan Sigrist, founder of the think tank W.I.R.E. talks about the “Decoding Digital Marketing” study project.

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Man vs. Machine in the banking sector

In part two we delve into banking: digitization is fundamentally changing the banks’ traditional business model. What are the consequences? We have put together a few scenarios and recommended actions from the W.I.R.E. “Decoding Digital Marketing” study for you.

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How health insurance companies will support their customers in the future

Part 3 focuses on health: How important is digital innovation for health insurance companies? And how does digital innovation affect the dialog with their customers? This blog article aims to provide clarity on this topic.

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