The customer at the centre: strategies, solutions, tools

Understanding, assisting and inspiring customers - in marketing, sales and service

Customers today are more curious, impatient and demanding. They expect seamless, flexible and personal interactions with businesses. Companies must meet these customer expectations. But how can customers still be inspired today? Admittedly: Not an easy mission. The right skill set, smart tools and suitable partners will help.

BSI for sales

Good salespeople are characterised by their knowledge of human nature, attention and flexibility. In combination with intelligent CRM and marketing automation solutions, they know how to convince leads and customers. To contact customers at the right moment using the most promising channel with the right offer and to react to customer behavior in real time? Of course.

Sales insights

BSI for marketing

Future-oriented marketing uses the success factor data to convince Generation Y and Z and to survive on the market alongside digital newcomers. Smart marketing professionals use smart digital tools to ensure professional customer experience management from data management to loyalty management. They recognize the potential of marketing automation to give customers a digital and 24/7 personal experience. You too?

Marketing know-how

BSI for service

Whether it's a purchase decision, a claim, a complaint or a consultation: positive service experiences are match-deciding. Service champions know this and seize every opportunity to offer customers a unique, convincing service experience. 24/7 Service? Of course. Self-service and Voice? Of course. Personalized or automated? Both, of course!

Service competence

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