Service: a competitive advantage in the era of digitization

This is how service championship works!

Service is more important than ever in today’s digitization era: Whether customers make a purchase decision, have a complaint, report damage, or receive advice from you: Positive service experiences determine if a sale occurs, a prospective client becomes a customer, and a customer remains loyal to you. Personalized or automated: With BSI for Service, you will be a service champion.

Two steps to omni-channel customer service

Experts agree that there will always be a need for customer service. But where can digitization and automation enhance customer experiences and lighten the customer service load? Two steps are needed to realize the full potential: Merge channels and integrate team silos for a seamless service experience that delights customers at every touch point.

Omnichannel Management

Complaints are an opportunity!

Customers who complain and whose problems are handled well purchase more and are more loyal than satisfied customers who never complain. By the way, complaints are free-of-charge process recommendations. Find out here how your company can optimize complaint management and turn dissatisfied customers into delighted ambassadors.

Complaint management

The four basic CX rules

What is it that makes a customer experience a positive one? Often, it is not about sparking a WOW experience or a surge in enthusiasm. Generally, it is sufficient to comply with the following three factors: Customer experiences should be effortless, effective, and exceptional. How can you achieve this? With the four basic customer experience rules that make customers happy.

BSI for Marketing

360-degree customer view
Remembering customers; providing a seamless purchasing or service experience without any breaks or knowledge gaps; having a high first-contact resolution, appropriate next-best-action recommendations, and automatic follow-up. All this across all channels? There is a single solution for all that today.

24/7 Service

Customer service with unlimited business hours? 24/7 service with no wait times? Today, it's all about online or mobile first, and customers expect a good DIY experience. With BSI Portal, our self-service solution, we meet this customer demand. Our customers benefit from our cross-industry experience with individual online customer areas that win customers over.

BSI Portal

When customers like to handle things themselves

When do customers prefer recommendations in person, and in which situations do they prefer handling matters themselves? In which channels and applications do they prefer to have person-to-person contact, and which ones do they prefer in the DIY mode? And how can a business implement smart self-service? Our self-service study provides the answers.

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Innovation from the BSI lab

Machine learning and AI in service: In many companies, categorizing e-mails is a source of frustration, as agents have to decide manually which process and text to use. It could be so much simpler: With so-called “brains,” e-mails can be assigned without error, and a suitable response can be put together from text blocks and can then be sent to the customer after being reviewed — this leaves more time for truly important things like customer care.

Voice in service

They are convenient: Language assistants have established themselves as practical helpers at home and on the road. Voice has appeal in service as well: in the B2B area, there is the talking CRM in insurance field sales, and in the B2C sphere, integrated language assistants make a name for themselves with insurance sales or travel bookings. Turn the sound up!

Best-practice customer focus

Thanks to streamlined processes and system support, Baloise Insurance was able to shorten the processing time for theft cases from 14 days to one day only. Customers can take care of and finalize their damage reporting online or in a single call. Find out here what top-notch first-contact resolution and this exceptional customer experience have made possible.

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"Fifty percent of marketing is good customer service – this is where customer loyalty happens."

Bernhard EggerManaging Director, Walbusch Switzerland and Austria

Service leadership

With digitization, customer demands toward service leaders have changed. The growing number of touch points, data, and channels make a seamless customer focus more difficult. This is why service leaders, such as Globus, Pfister, Sprüngli, and Walbusch have set a goal of transforming service experiences for the digital age.

Meet the Service Champions

Best-practice digitization

Service does not happen at the contact center only. From the branch office and the service lounge to webshops, apps, and self-service: There is no service excellence without digital tools. Globus, the most exclusive department store in Switzerland, shows us how to do it.

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