Sales with a future: From lead management to after sales

From leads to delighted customers

Recognize closing or jump off probabilities, manage sales in real time, uncover potentials, exploit opportunities for cross- and upselling: Smart dashboards, performance tools and AI-based scorings support sales personnel and field sales competently and comprehensively throughout the entire sales process. The most important topics from lead management to churn detection to after sales at a glance.

Increase sales opportunities

Would you like to receive customer-specific sales and consultation tips? A 360° customer view is essential for this, one that supplies indications of falling transaction volume, imminent maturity, an aborted application process and contract expirations. This enables tailored offers and advice with greater relevance, and higher conclusion rates in cross- and upselling.

Mobile workplace for sales pros

No other department is on the road more than sales. And no department relies more on the CRM. Because personal consultation is based on knowledge of the customer’s preferences and history. Stay close to your customers in every respect - through tablet-based consulting.

Mobile CRM

Actively accompany customers through customer journey management

Accompany leads and customers along each step of the sales process: Customer journey management is more than just the optimization of individual touchpoints. It is all about knowing where leads are currently located within the sales funnel and adjusting the sales strategy accordingly.

Customer Journey Management

Keeping an eye on KPIs

Ad-hoc evaluations and clearly laid out, quickly generated reports are essential for sales. Real-time control makes it possible to retain an overview of your leads and customers. Where are they within the sales funnel; how qualified are they? This places all essential KPIs at your disposal, enabling you to support your leads and to measure the success of your efforts.

Clever sales reps rely on smart CRM software including marketing automation and AI features. Would you like to learn more?

Profit from AI

Machine learning supports smart sales reps. It helps you determine the next best actions, with lead scoring and with choosing the best channel, as well as the most promising time to make contact.

Artificial Intelligence

Marketing automation

Sales activities without marketing automation? This is inconceivable today. Marketing automation has little to do with the sending of anonymous mass e-mails and no-reply mailings. Impersonal contact? On the contrary! Marketing automation provides personalization and the right offer at the right time, even with large lead pools and customer bases.

Marketing Automation

How can software optimally support your sales?

We can show you how you can profit from CRM, marketing automation and AI in the sales process and sales management.

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Many touchpoints – a consistent company image

How and where do consumers prefer to shop and where do they get the advice they need? Depending on the time, product or situation, they choose a channel and jump back and forth between different touchpoints within the purchase process. This poses challenges for a sales team, challenges that can be mastered with an omnichannel approach.


Sales planning and management

The planning and management of your sales team are essential, as is also the measurement of success: Which activities have paid off? Leads must be optimally allocated within your sales team, according to skills, languages or staff presence.