BSI Contact Center: The omnichannel software for your contact, service or call center

Excellent customer experiences at all touchpoints

Products are growing increasingly similar, prices ever more transparent. In our digital age, customer service is increasingly the crucial factor when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. The good news is: It is quite easy to become a service champion today: Impress your staff and customers at all touchpoints with BSI Contact Center and leave the competition far behind.

First Contact Resolution

The most important driver for customer satisfaction is first contact resolution. To settle as many concerns as possible with the first contact not only pleases customers, but also improves efficiency in the service center. That is how to immediately impress customers.

Successful upselling and cross-selling

Good service that pays off: BSI Contact Center suggests the next best actions and next best products to staff. This enables them to optimally exploit upselling and cross-selling potential and to turn the service center into a profit center.

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1st stop – process excellence

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Bernhard Egger, Community Manager Retail & Service

Bernhard Egger, Community Manager Retail & Service

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End-to-end processes

Guided processes are one of the specialties in BSI Contact Center: Process excellence à la BSI means: Work and process flows structured throughout the company and a fast and transparent processing, automatically whenever possible – taking all regulations, data protection requirements and customer preferences into account while doing so.

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Whether in-house customer service or external service provider, inbound or outbound – BSI Contact Center integrates all communication channels: Phone, e-mail, chatbot, live Web chat, voice, WhatsApp, written correspondence, social media, self-service and even tablets and cash registers in the stores. For a customer experience without limits.

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It’s me – your voicebot!

Voice AI will not replace contact center agents, but will complement them intelligently. The capabilities of the new generation of voicebots go beyond spoken IVR with machine learning: Voice assistants combine the advantages of voice and bot technologies and open up new use cases for contact centers.

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Like! Social media, SMS, WhatsApp and portal

Customers also want to use applications in business communications that they already use when communicating with friends and family. With BSI Contact Center, YouTube and Facebook posts and comments as well as SMS and WhatsApp can be responded to through the Contact Center without having to change the application. Companies profit from process guidance, text analysis, text modules, service levels and reporting options as they do with traditional contact center channels.

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Under one roof: Service lines

Companies with multiple brands, URLs and various services must communicate differently with different target groups (footer, sender, brand voice, service level, reporting, etc.). The challenge becomes an opportunity with service lines.

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Service automation

Experts agree: There will always be a need for customer service. But where can digitization and automation improve the customer experience and relieve customer service? This enables you to eliminate manual processes from your contact center and, at the same time, boost performance and the customer experience.

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Service digitization

Customer service around the clock: Intelligent self-services such as web forms or customer portals can be integrated in BSI Contact Center. Dark processing takes over process steps through the rule engine. The agent only carries out steps that the system cannot (yet) do for itself. That is how the service of the future functions.


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Many customer concerns – one solution

BSI Contact Center replaces system diversity. The standard version contains all Contact Center features, which can be flexibly clicked together as needed: processes, rules, data protection, retention obligations, proactive SLA handling, integrated know-how, CX and service automation and more.

Customized: Administration and configuration

Managers appreciate the individual configurability of BSI Contact Center: Both the cockpit and the processes are easily and quickly adaptable. Detailed real-time reports reveal the optimization potential. Profit from a rapid time to market and a customized view of your contact center.

Cloud, on-premise or SaaS

Whether cloud, SaaS or on-premise: BSI Contact Center offers attractive license models, is scalable and multi-tenant capable. We will be pleased to advise you and help you to find the model best suited for your call center.