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Everyone talks about digitization – BSI lets actions speak. Our software solutions score as smart and user-friendly tools and support companies with their customer dialogue digitization and customer satisfaction mission.


BSI CRM is an agile CRM software solution that provides seamless support in sales, marketing, and service with its strictly modular design and open technology. Rather than you, the customer, having to conform to the software, BSI CRM adapts to your business, processes, and IT environment. It gives you a 360-degree view of your customers – at any time, in any department, and at every touch point. BSI CRM runs on desktops, tablets, and your smartphone. It has received praise for this agility from experts and customers alike and has earned these CRM Awards. The best reward for us, however, is having happy users.

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BSI Studio

With BSI Studio, the marketing automation platform, you can digitize your customer relationships and business processes, whether you use it in marketing, sales, or service. BSI Studio lets you automate your customer dialogue from lead handling to after-sales since it is linked directly to your data and processes. Each data point from CRM, ERP, and Analytics, etc. is used to design intelligent and personalized customer journeys and to monitor them in real time. BSI Studio stands for instantly personalized customer journeys and seamless and powerful customer experiences.

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BSI Contact Center

Happy customers and productive agents: With BSI Contact Center, you can turn every call center into a true customer contact center. With our multi-channel and multi-client all-in-one CRM system, you will delight your customers at every touch point. 360-degree customer views and guided processes ensure that customer concerns are handled swiftly. Service automation, a minimal effort regarding employee training, and ease of use keep the cost down. Customer-specific cross- and up-selling information, guided processes, and intelligent bots support your agents in their work.

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With BSI CTMS, we offer a powerful tool for the conduct of your clinical studies; it’s available as a cloud or on-premises solution. It offers CROs everything they need for personnel management and business development. BSI CTMS is convenient, comprehensive, and configurable. This saves time and money. If you need enhancements to your current clinical trial management software, we can also develop desired components, interfaces, and connections for your existing CTMS.

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Our products at a glance

Our software solutions cover everything needed to drive the digitization of customer relationships and business processes. We have dedicated ourselves to the concepts of omnichannel and segment of one.

  • BSI CRM is your company's hub and ensures that all your customer information is in one place.
  • BSI Studio, the powerful marketing automation platform, supports you in your customer experience management and process automation.
  • BSI Contact Center, the tireless customer service tool, assists agents in their work with the best support possible.
  • BSI CTMS, our comprehensive solution for clinical studies, ensures efficient and seamless clinical trial management.