Walbusch: Perfectly combined channels

Whether catalogue, web or retail shop: The “Walbusch” brand stands for fitting, high-quality fashion. The company also uses fitting, high-quality multichannel software. An interview with Urs Frick, BSI Project Manager.

How important is the topic of multichannel for Walbusch?

Urs Frick, Projektleiter bei BSI

Walbusch has recognized that the multichannel customer is its most valuable customer. That’s because such customers are not only especially loyal to the brand, they also offer Walbusch the most opportunities to boost their customer loyalty even further with a special service. What is the best interplay of the various channels for sales success? Which additional offer – the so-called ‘next best product’ – is especially attractive to customers? Where and how can inactive customers be best regained? Because Walbusch consistently pursues the aim of recognizing the customer in every channel and offering him or her a good service, the customer receives far more precise answers to these vital questions.

Why did Walbusch choose BSI?

I see three main reasons for this. Firstly, we proved that we understood Walbusch's multichannel strategy. The application will be based on our powerful standard product. At the same time, it will be very precisely adapted to Walbusch’s channels and processes. Secondly, we have vast experience in the B2C sector. For example, our retail solution has been used successfully throughout the Swiss post office network with well over 10,000 end-users. We will transfer this expertise to Walbusch in a second phase: According to the plan, the point of sale will be integrated the CRM solution by 2014. And thirdly, our software manages to network the various channels and nevertheless remains clearly laid out and easy to use. BSI is thus characterized by the same values that are so central to Walbusch – fitting, high quality fashion. In Walbusch's world, you would call this "matching tones".

What sets BSI’s retail solution apart?

The fact that it is an authentic multichannel CRM application set it apart. In contrast to other solutions, BSI is not centered around a specific sales channel and then accessorized for the other channels. The focus is entirely on customer proximity. With our CRM software the customer can freely move between the channels – catalogue, call center, e-shop and point of sale (POS) – without the usual breaks in service. In this way, the retailer knows what offers have been presented to customers in the current newsletter. If a product is not in stock, it can be easily delivered with an online order. And, it goes without saying that customers can also use their online credits when shopping offline.