Multi-frontend by BSI

One system, many faces: You can now use BSI CRM via iPhone or Web browser.

BSI's multi-frontend strategy is moving decisively forward. In addition to existing platforms, such as Swing, SWT or Eclips RCP, specific user interfaces for iPhone and Web browser are now also available for BSI CRM. A Blackberry frontend is also planned for 2009.

iPhone software with unique ergonomics
Leading the list of the many advantages of BSI CRM for the iPhone are its unparalleled ergonomics and speed. The software was developed using the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) and as a result makes the very best of the iPhone's technical possibilities. In contrast to the mobile solutions of other providers, BSI CRM is not just another Web interface, but a unique software application that is installed directly on the iPhone and communicates with the server via a Web service.

The advantages are obvious
BSI CRM's user-friendliness makes it particularly attractive. With a menu structure adapted specifically for the iPhone, it equals BSI CRM’s desktop solution. BSI CRM for iPhone also has more convincing qualities:

  • Loading times are significantly shorter than with a Web interface, since only working data is transmitted.
  • After the initial installation, the user need not go through elaborate login procedures each time, but can start the solution through its own icon: Just one click and the system recognizes the user on the iPhone ID.
  • All functions are available to the user at all times. Users can call up individuals and phone them directly, write an SMS or e-mail, look up contacts and pending items, create new contacts and pending items, display addresses in Google Maps, and much more.
  • All calls, both those made and those missed, are logged in a journal. Calls made over CTI-integrated fixed line phones will also be displayed on the iPhone.
  • The application’s modular structure means that extensions and adaptations are easily made possible. Updates are made just as easily as they are with other iPhone applications.


Practical supplemental function for on the road
Among the many other features of BSI’s latest mobile solutions is also the “open” mode, also called airport mode by insiders. This view can also be chosen in addition to the other existing modes, such as the “My view” mode with its own contacts and favorites. The “open” mode provides employees on the road with a quick overview of pending tasks, urgent support cases, missed calls, pending items, open projects and more, so that they can use short breaks and maintenance times to take care of things. All needed information can be called up with just a few clicks using the patented user guidance. For example, while conducting calls the user can also call up information about the caller, open projects or the name of the representative in charge.

BSI CRM for Web browsers
BSI has also presented a further innovation along with the iPhone software: a Web version of BSI CRM through which all data and functions can be used over a standard Web browser without the need for preinstalled software. With this innovation, BSI is meeting an increasingly essential need to be able to use CRM solutions regardless of time and location.

On the road in the mobile CRM future?
Both BSI CRM for iPhone and BSI CRM for Web browsers are immediately available. Zeno Hug (phone: +41 56 484 16 65, e-mail: or your existing BSI representative are standing by to provide you with more detailed information.