Live from Go Live: BSI Studio at APG|SGA

A small step in BSI Studio, but a big step for the future of digitization: Our long-term customer APG|SGA launched their first customer story today, and we were there when Reto Pensa, Manager of Sales Services at APG|SGA, took the story “live” in BSI Studio.

Customer satisfaction is a key topic at APG|SGA, the leading Swiss out-of-home marketing company. To find out how happy customers are with them, an APG|SGA and BSI team designed a customer satisfaction story in BSI Studio and took it live today. “We want to find out what our customers like about us and in what areas they see a potential for improvement. BSI Studio is perfectly suited to conducting automated surveys that are either situation-dependent or rule-based,” says Reto Pensa., the internal web shop and e-commerce tool APG|SGA uses, served as a so-called “trigger.” As a target group, the company selected customers that had signed up for a campaign through this page within the past seven days.

“While our sales consultants continue to be our main sales channels, we see growth in the online area as well. We want to get feedback from our customers – not just once, but on an ongoing basis to find out where we stand. Today's story is only the beginning as we move into this direction.”

Reto PensaManager of Sales Services at APG|SGA

The e-mail was designed with German and French image and text elements. The questions refer to the customers’ satisfaction with the order process and the likelihood of a recommendation; open feedback is encouraged. Customers who do repeated business with the company are led down a path where they are not asked about their satisfaction repeatedly.

And off it went:

With one click, Reto Pensa’s campaign went live. We were able to watch in real time when e-mails went out and were opened. Each step is backed up with a statistic. The automated report provided continuous real-time numbers for clicks, visits, and Next Best Actions.

The first customer clicked through the survey. When completed, the feedback went directly to his/her consultant at APG|SGA, while a thank-you page opened for the survey participant. Mission accomplished.

Design from a customer perspective

Reto Pensa, APG

We were not the only ones who had fun walking in a customer’s shoes. Reto Pensa, too, is excited about the communications options BSI Studio offers. That’s why he has already evaluated other BSI Studio use cases, such as event management for customer events, automated follow-up to quotations, and the re-activation of past customers. Reto Pensa is convinced that “these are all topics that have required us to do costly manual work so far and are very easy to map and digitize with BSI Studio.”

“We look forward to the next APG|SGA story and to many success stories for Reto Pensa’s sales team!