Successful business year for BSI

BSI recorded its 18th successful business year in a row in 2014. The CRM specialist increased turnover and grew at all its locations. New customers in Switzerland and Germany also ensured full order books for 2015.

Positive news from BSI Business Systems Integration AG: the software company increased its turnover by a healthy 11 percent, from CHF 37 million in 2013, to 41 million in 2014. Twenty-six new employees were welcomed to the team. Since not a single team member departed from the company, the current headcount at BSI in Switzerland and Germany is 214; 160 of whom are bearers of participation certifications for the company. Intensive investments were made in product development in the past business year: 45,205 hours went into the largest release ever made in the company’s history.

Focus on product development

While developing BSI CRM 14, the BSI software engineers united their forces and completed what began two years ago. The result is a scalable product consisting of a single core that can be flexibly adapted and upgraded if needed. The standard product contains customer requirements such as database delimitation and authorizations, decentralized campaign management, a new rulebook for automated bulk processing, improvements in offline usage as well as 30 functional upgrades in the Contact Center industry solution. After this feat of strength, BSI’s product development team is not about to sit back and rest on its laurels; on the contrary: BSI CRM 15, which will be available at the end of the year, will attract users with pioneering ergonomics and even great interactivity. The focus will be on the new navigation, trailblazing analysis and visualization options, interactive networks and an improved mobile solution.

Competitive edge through openness

BSI customers especially appreciate that the company's software is 100% based on Java and open standards. Besides the software’s stability, customers from various industries are attracted by the easy integration, high efficiency and flexible configuration options. A fixed priced, combined with low risk and rapid project success, led to the gaining of new customers in the past year, including Metzler Bank, Raiffeisen, Sanitas, Münchener Verein, and more. Projects among existing customers such as Swiss Post were further developed, or were switched from in-house developments to the BSI CRM Standard with plug-ins for specific applications.

The CRM at BSI’s customer, Walbusch, was distinguished twice with awards. BSI developed a retail CRM solution for the fashion company that provides a 360° customer view at all touchpoints. Walbusch employees can seamlessly service customers in the contact center as well as the webshop and at the cash register in 35 Walbusch sales outlets. Walbusch was honored with the acquisa CRM Best Practice Award 2014 and the CCV Quality Award 2014 for the innovation of integrating cash registers in the CRM.

New BSI location in Düsseldorf’s MedienHafen

The latest BSI location just opened its doors. Up to 30  BSI team members will look after their customers in Nordrhein-Westfalen in the historical listed “Speicher” building in the heart of Düsseldorf’s popular MedienHafen district. Since the existing locations were also bursting at the seams, the offices in Munich and Baar were also expanded. The Berne office will move into a new centrally-located office building in the summer of 2015. And BSI’s original location in Baden will also move into new, larger quarters.

Markus Brunold, BSI
Markus Brunold, BSI

Outlook for 2015

BSI is also pleased to move into the new business year with full order books. New customers and projects promise healthy development and a good workload for 2015. “The euro-Swiss franc exchange rate will certainly not have a positive impact on the result”, cautioned Markus Brunold, BSI’s CEO. “Nevertheless, the three locations in Germany and the good order situation in both countries will minimize the consequences. Most important is that our customers are happy and continue enjoying working with us,” stated Markus Brunold. Then even the currency exchange rate fluctuations can be overcome. Product development is also being driven forward intensively: BSI CRM will be upgraded with several exciting innovations in 2015 to ensure that we maintain the functional and technical edge. “The starting position is very positive and the structures are in place for further growth,” enthused Markus Brunold. New software talents are welcome not only at the newest location in Düsseldorf, but also at all existing offices. “We want to grow, but not at any price. Our existing customers are our top priority. We are devoted to developing good solutions that help them and are pleasing to them. We remain true to our values. We will not sell out and we belong to ourselves. This is an essential differentiating factor and a pro-BSI argument for our clients in Switzerland and Germany, especially when it comes to cultural and cooperative values in collaborations,” according to Markus Brunold.