BSI develops software for the Swiss Post’s self-service payment terminal

The software company BSI Business Systems Integration AG won the tender for a self-service payment terminal for the Swiss Post. The smart terminal went into pilot operation at a post office branch in Interlaken. In the future, it will enable customers to make payments as well as to enjoy practical digital services.

The Swiss Post worked with BSI to develop an intelligent self-service payment terminal. What makes it special: The clever self-service counter combines the services of a payments terminal with retail functionalities. Machine learning integration enables the terminal to recognize even handwritten numbers, to check account data and securely execute orders. Further digital services in the areas of payments and banking are being planned.

“With the new self-service payment terminal we aim to further improve the service and customer experience at our branches and to offer an attractive alternative to paying at the counter.”

Marco LazzarottoOverall Project Manager for the Swiss Post

The proof of concept will be expanded to nine branches in October, with a total of 15 terminals. The coming months will tell whether the new self-service solution meets a broad customer demand. After the planned test phase, the Swiss Post will decide in the second quarter of 2019 whether the terminal will be rolled out, and at which locations.

An autonomous version of the terminal will also be tested: In La Chaux-de-Fonds, customers will also be able to benefit from the new services outside the post office branch opening hours.

Co-creation between the Swiss Post and BSI

The Swiss Post and BSI have worked together on various projects for over 20 years, including in the areas of CRM and counter applications in the Post branches. “When it came to development of the self-service payment terminal, our choice was once again BSI; both because they have already successfully launched ATM software for other customers, and because we see great added value in the integration of the counter application, which was also produced by BSI, with the self-service terminal software,“ explained Marco Lazzarotto.

The self-service terminal software was developed by BSI in cooperation with the Swiss Post. BSI solved the challenge of handwritten inpayments slips in the BSI Lab using a neural network which was initially trained with more than 100,000 inpayment slip images. “The payment terminal performed like a counter in self-service mode. It really pleased us to be able to once again make something “tangible”. We are also pleased that the Post entrusted us with the self-service terminal and, with the order, confirmed the good teamwork performed with the counter application,” underscored Marcel Sinniger, Project Manager at BSI.

“It is a great pleasure and honor for us that, in addition to the counter application, we are also able to develop the software for a self-service customer access point for the Swiss Post,” enthused Gabriel Fleserui, Project Manager for BSI, who also truly believes in the machine's potential: “The self-service payment terminal has what it takes to interest the Post’s customers around the clock with services that are relevant to them in today's payment traffic and beyond.