BSI CRM as a mainstay at PostFinance

We are pleased to launch into the digital future together with the number 1 in Swiss payment traffic: PostFinance has upgraded its core banking system and, at the same time, also brought its CRM system up to the state of the art. In this way, the bank is orienting itself toward the (digital) customer experience of the future.

Headquarters of PostFinance (Source: PostFinance)

PostFinance is the preferred bank for more than three million customers. To become an even more attractive partner in the digital world, PostFinance has made its IT system, which has grown organically since the 1990s, fit for the digital future: a new core banking system provides great flexibility, security and stability. The CRM system from BSI was also targeted towards the customer experience of the future within the scope of the transformation.

High level of automation

The new CRM solution based on BSI CRM Indigo will be used by 2,000 users across teams. It can be operated by two to three times as many users as the same time with optimal performance.

Customer rep portfolios and customer segmenting are integrated with complex rulebooks. Around 200 processes with up to 110 process steps and 275 process-specific sets of information were collected and linked with the rulebook. Around 1,000 jumps to other websites and peripheral systems were gradually configured so that staff can serve customers in their respective language. With BSI CRM Indigo, customer reps can be optimally prepared for their customer consultation, including appointment setting and coordination, synchronization with Outlook and seamless post-processing.

Customer focus at all touchpoints

It has been a great pleasure and extraordinary privilege to maintain an intensive relationship with PostFinance for more than two decades. Not only was the CRM system for customer reps and customer service staff provided by BSI, but also the counter application in post offices, known as V-MaX, and the onboarding application for the back office as results of this fruitful cooperation. To work together on a core banking system replacement that only takes place every 20 to 30 years is a major responsibility. All the more gratifying that this large project was able to be taken productive after two and a half years of intensive preparation, thorough test runs and maximum load tests. We hope that the upgrades bring plenty of added value to staff and customers alike and we look forward to many success experiences!

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