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Together with our partners we make complex things simple. The ultimate goal: happy customers. We have strong tools in the areas of CRM, automation and artificial intelligence and extensive CRM expertise in the retail, banking and insurance industries. Our partners complement our product and solution portfolio in various ways. However, the aim is always to offer the customer added value.

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If you recognize your company in one or more of the partner types described, please reach out to me. And if you don’t see yourself in these types right away, but reading this page created a spark ... please get in touch with me, too.

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Becoming a BSI partner – This is what you need to know

Please consider becoming a BSI partner. The following seven questions and answers will tell you why and when you might want to think about taking this step. The vision we have of our partners is closely linked to two “A’s,” which represent BSI’s powerful tools of “automation” and “artificial intelligence” – the basis of a state-of-the-art customer journey management system and the perfect tools to enter into a partnership with BSI.

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1. Who are we?

350 employees, eight locations, and a strong BSI community

What defines us internally as well as externally is a sense of fairness and amiability, a desire to cooperate, and a teamwork approach. That fits our company’s DNA: Our employees are our success factors. We have considerable CRM expertise in the retail, banking, and insurance industries. And we have the skills to tap into new markets in new industries along with our partners. We consider our company to be a network where everyone gives a little and, in the end, gets a lot back. That’s how we want to keep it with our partners as well.

2. What do we do?

We create happy customers.

Helping us with this pursuit are our customers, partners, and the powerful tools we have in the areas of CRM, automation, and artificial intelligence. We help our partners help their customers win over customers, keep them, and understand them. Too complicated? Not really: Because everything we do has to do with customers. A company without happy customers is inconceivable. There is nothing that will change this design in the future, either. Only the tools will change. That’s what we stand for.

3. What issues do we resolve?

We make complex things simple.

Of course, we understand that automation and artificial intelligence are complicated topics. But we also know that we have a clear and unique selling position in the market: The simplicity and functional breadth of our tools. We automate a company’s communication with prospects, customers, partners, and suppliers to solve problems. If these problems are not solved, they will cost money; if they are solved, they will increase revenue. We want to understand our customers and know their needs early on. To allow our partners to read their customers as well, we offer them a small range of products for their customers to get started. And that, of course, includes the necessary sales and implementation training.

4. Who are we looking for?

We are looking for sales, implementation, product, and service partners.

Whether you sell or implement our products and solutions, or want to use BSI products to complement your products and services, do it. Do it the way you would want your partner to do it. A partnership is a matter of trust. And trust develops in real life. Therefore, it is essential that we, together with our partners, have specific business cases to take to the market – because there is nothing better than starting a partnership with sustainable successes. Successes make us strong and generate more successes.

5. What do we offer?

We envision our partners to share in our collective success reliably and for the long term.

This applies to partners who actively support us with the sale of our products and solutions or those who sell them independently. Therefore, we have developed a partnership model that allows partners to share in individual successes as well as in the long term. The more you engage as a partner, the greater the share will be. Here, too, sustainability is our motto. The longer customers stay with us, the better the model – for customers, partners, and us. For partners using BSI products themselves, we have attractive conditions and make demo systems and suitable partner training available. And potentially, we will organize joint (online) events that will allow us to engage prospective new customers in a targeted and personalized way.

6. What are our plans?

We would like to tap into new markets jointly:

Behind this intention is the joint business model – the business case. The partner products and services should complement each other rather than compete with each other. They ought to provide added value to joint customers, which we would not be able to provide by ourselves, i.e., without the partner. We envision converting customers into references together with our partners.


As a BSI partner, you could sell or implement BSI solutions in the CRM, automation, and artificial intelligence fields, integrate them into your product portfolio or expand your services, thus sharing BSI’s success sustainably and in the long term through repeated sales.