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Using the success factor data

In a world in which the next offer is just a click away and digital newcomers are pushing into markets, customers are no longer willing to accept a weak customer experience. Those who seek to conquer Generations Y and Z must know how to use data as a success factor. As clear as the goal may be, the path to it is challenging; which makes it all the more important for marketing experts to have the right skills, strategies and tools at hand.

Customer experience management in five steps

Successful customer experience management begins at each individual touchpoint and is reflected in powerful customer journeys. We have compiled an overview for you of everything needed to create impressive customer experiences.

Customer data creates relevance

No intelligent, personal approach is possible without good customer data. Data today comes from a variety of sources. This makes it all the more important to merge it centrally and to monitor the quality.

Data Management

Know your own touchpoints

Every touchpoint counts when it comes to offering customers an unforgettable experience along their customer journey. That is why it is important to know your touchpoints, to design them consistently and to actively orchestrate them; both digitally and in analogue.

Touchpoint Management

Actively design customer journeys

Customer journey management is more than just the optimization of individual touchpoints. Customers expect uniform, relevant and personal customer experiences along their journey from need to purchase and beyond – across channels and silos.

Customer Journey Management

Use complaints as an opportunity

This involves recognizing pain points and understanding complaints as an opportunity. Particularly when companies receive reported problems from customers, they can score points with the right reaction. A simple and pleasant solution contributes to a positive customer experience.

Complaint management

Turn satisfied customers into brand ambassadors

Only if every touchpoint is optimally designed and the customer journey functions as a whole are customers truly satisfied with a company's services. Customer loyalty does not arise when a product or service meets the customer’s expectations, but when they clearly exceed them.

Customer Loyalty

Marketing automation

Customer experience management without marketing automation? This is inconceivable today. Marketing automation has little to do with the sending of anonymous mass e-mails and no-reply mailings. Impersonal newsletter? On the contrary! Marketing automation ensures personalization even with a large lead pool and customer base.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation
with BSI Studio: smart, intuitive, user-friendly

From information to insights with data management

You want to address your customers individually with relevant topics, at precisely the right moment. This is possible with an integrated data landscape and sustainable data quality. In this way you lay the foundation for a convincing customer experience.

Data Management

The digital customer dialogue of the future

The digital tornado is transforming marketing and communication at high speed. There are many predictions for the future of the customer relationship. But, how can one separate the hype from developments to be taken seriously? On behalf of BSI, the think tank W.I.R.E., sought answers in a project extending over several months.

Order the study

There are many predictions about the future of the customer relationship and marketing. But, how can one separate the hype from serious developments? We take a look at the digital future in the “Digital customer dialogue of the future” blog series regarding the “Decoding Digital Marketing” study.

Actively accompany customers through customer journey management

Customer journey management is more than just the optimization of individual touchpoints. It involves accompanying customers along each step of the purchase process. Customer journeys must be cleverly controlled through the preferred touchpoints.

Customer Journey Management

Many touchpoints – a consistent company image

Whether for a website, online ads, customer service or PoS staff, interactions at the touchpoint determine how you are perceived by (potential) customers. Consistency in design is key to a positive customer experience. An omnichannel approach takes this into account.


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Complaints offer an opportunity to create a positive customer experience

Particularly when companies receive reported problems from customers, they can score points with the right reaction. Everything can be done right, and also wrong here. Offering the customer a pleasant solution for the problem contributes to the customer experience.

Complaint management

Impress customers instead of binding them – the path to customer loyalty

Can loyal customers be won over through loyalty programs? Or does customer loyalty instead arise when a product or service exceeds customer expectations? Manage expectations and create experiences that impress.

Customer Loyalty