​Why we invest in the open-source community

At BSI, we live according to our values such as transparency and openness. We believe in close cooperation with our customers as well as with the developer community around the world. We published our Scout application framework in 2010 under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) and have since been part of the global ecosystem of the Eclipse Foundation. This is how our customers benefit from our commitment to open-source software (OSS).

As part of the Eclipse Foundation, we receive feedback from software developers from around the world. The strict guidelines of the EPL ensure regular code reviews, full adherence to intellectual property rules as well as technical and functional tests.

Since its launch in 2010, tens of thousands of users have been working daily with software based on Scout. This broad and professional user base has made Scout a mature application framework, which is currently available in version 8.0.

High investment protection

The question arises: Which development technologies that are significant today will also still be supported in five years? Scout has developed and matured over the past 15 years. The focus has always been on the large number of users. They should benefit from modern technologies without fundamentally changing the proven user concept. Scout is at the disposal of developers worldwide as an open-source application framework under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation. Thereby, Scout enables users to reduce risks such as manufacturer dependencies and proprietary further developments, functioning as investment protection.

Eclipse Scout meets many of the recurring requirements placed upon modern business applications.

Technology independence

The great strength of Scout lies in its architecture: A classic Java application model keeps your business logic clean and decouples technological aspects. This means that your applications can keep up with technological innovations without having to turn the business logic upside down. Scout applications are automatically multi-device-capable. Contemporary technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 are implicitly used towards this end.

The five main disciplines of Scout

The Scout framework is our main development platform, which we use for all our commercial products. However, other companies also use Scout to develop business applications and, even more frequently, to modernize legacy applications.

The following challenges are examples of where Scout’s strengths pay off:

  • Depicting and managing company-specific data structures
  • Making hierarchically complex data intuitively accessible to the user
  • Developing collaborative platforms with sophisticated rights management
  • Building appealing user interfaces using a wide range of existing elements
  • Creating functional prototypes early in the development process to generate acceptance