The sleeping princess has been kissed awake

With Release 12.9, a development that began five years ago with 12.0 has been completed. All the goals originally set have now been met: multi-device, process engine, complete configuration by the administrator, release capability. And, last but not least, the former “sleeping princess”, the Point of Sale module, completes BSI CRM’s multichannel strategy.

The current BSI CRM Release 12.9 gathers all the technical concepts that were started, and combines and finalizes them. It goes without saying that it again also delivers a whole series of advantages for our customers.

More independent, flexible and stable

BSI CRM now runs on various databases (e.g. Oracle, DB2 and Postgres), providing independence and stability. Automated tests (3,500 every hour!) of the complete software at BSI ensure even greater stabil-ity and especially for a well-documented code basis.

The new Release 12.9 also offers additional technical upgrades: Electronic and postal addresses are separated and internationalization is optimally supported with a new address logic. The new organization concept includes companies as well as clubs, groups and households. The representation logic was powerfully generalized. All these concepts add up to greater flex-ibility and enable BSI CRM to better adjust to the needs of our customers. A lot was also upgraded in the Contact Center, including the introduction of seamless (pivot) reporting and service lines as well as multilevel measurement of service level agreements.

BSI CRM Release 12.9: release-capable and yet flexible

The networked shop

BSI CRM’s multichannel strategy is finally complete with an entirely new module: Point of Sale. This is being implemented in tandem with our customer, Walbusch. On behalf of the fashion company, CEO Bernhard Egger accepted the User Group Award 2013 for “waking the sleeping princess, BSI PoS”. 

BSI PoS perfectly implements the vision of multichannel and cross-channel. The end customer wants top service, and he wants it everywhere. He wants to make calls, write e-mails, go to the shop, contact his customer rep from home or click in the e-shop. He wants to be able to place orders anywhere, praise and, most of all, feel he is treated equally well everywhere. Ultimately, it is up to each individual company to decide which channels it wants to make accessible. BSI CRM now offers all channels with PoS. 

BSI CRM Point of Sale runs on all popular cash register hardware, features very ergonomic user guidance for touch screens and article management, discount rules, cash register journal, scanner, receipt printer, payment terminal and everything else that a cash register needs, and much more, because it is a CRM cash register. All the company’s processes and services that are configured in BSI CRM and activated for the Point of Sale can also be started directly here. If the customer has a question or complaint or if he wants an out-of-stock article sent to him at home, this can be taken care of directly at the cash register. Would the customer like to have a catalogue sent to him? No problem, just click on “Send catalogue”, select the catalogue desired and the business case is started. It is transferred to the back office and carried out there.

All services are clean, controlled and consistent across all channels

With BSI PoS, the entire business logic that is already implemented for a contact center, can also be easily used in the shop. And BSI CRM’s process engine takes care of everything else. The data and communication history of each customer is uniformly stored. Whether in marketing, the contact center or at a sales outlet: what the customer likes to buy in his favorite shop can be viewed at any time, along with which catalogue he has received and, if applicable, when and where he made a complaint. The current version of the PoS module supports the classic Point of Sale, the physical shop. Future versions will expand the concept and ergonomics of the concept to webshops: the “Self-Service Point of Sale”.

Entering a new phase  

A new phase is now being launched on this technically clean and flexible basis with BSI CRM Release 2014 under the motto: form and function. On the one hand, the optical appearance will be improved, made more ergonomic and designed more simply; while on the other, many new functions and tools will be implemented for each module and industry, which will make the user’s work easier and faster in both major and minor ways. Since BSI CRM is release-capable, these investments will deliver direct advantages to our current customers as well. a

The new BSI Pool: immerse yourself in collected know-how

BSI CRM is growing ever more diverse, and increasing numbers of users are working with it. To make life even easier for them, an information pool was launched beginning of 2014. BSI Pool contains documents, news, tickets, videos, release notes, tutorials and much more. Customers can dive into the knowledge pool, discover the world of BSI CRM and interact with BSI users or technical experts from other companies in an exclusive, protected area. This means that the introduction and use of BSI CRM is not a dive into cold water – users move in a pleasantly heated environment – while adapting the software to meet their requirements, during rollout and especially in daily use. BSI Pool is like operating instructions that are constantly being updated, and which are actively co-designed by the users.