Meet the team: Marco Bigolin

Marco Bigolin originally comes from Bettenhausen, but is anything but a sleepyhead. He inherited his love for detail from his grandfather, an Italian-born carpenter. He is fascinated by modern technology, which is why he switched from a large Swiss bank to BSI a year ago, “where the technological future lives”. As the youngest team member, Marco Bigolin works on the oldest BSI project, the Swiss Post’s sales database, with loads of pleasure and motivation – when he’s not storming the skies over Bettenhausen with his model airplanes.

  • Born in: Bettenhausen im Oberaargau
  • Birthday: March 31, 1985
  • Astrological sign: Aries
  • Nationality: Swiss
  • Lives in: Ostermundigen near Berne
  • Works in: Berne
Likes to eat: “SchniPo” (schnitzel and pommes frites)

Hates: Brussels sprouts and tomatoes
Drinks: Preferably tea over coffee, but likes Capri-Sonne best

Alpha: Marco, you switched from a well-known large Swiss bank to BSI a year ago. Why?

After my Bachelor of Science studies in Biel, I saw the job at the bank as a major opportunity. But I soon realized that they work with antiquated technology. As an IT specialist, I had no contact with customers, but was really isolated from them. What’s more, I greatly reduced the average age of the team. One day, I asked myself what was to become of me if I continued work-ing in the technological past.

Bravo: You started your probation period at BSI a year ago.

Yes, and everything is different here. The technological future is at home at BSI. I love the customer contact and the forward-looking thinking. Everything is so uncomplicated – the solution must turn out well, everything else is secondary. There’s no room for politics and hierarchies here. The team is great, and here I am exactly the average age. My commute to Bern is also very short.

Charlie: When did you know that you would take a technological path?

I was always interested in IT. I remember making cut-out sheets on an old computer in primary school and selling them to my classmates. This fascination has stayed with me. I consistently work with the latest technology at BSI. This means I am constantly learning. The work is very diverse, and I am always challenged – both by my colleagues and my customers.

Delta: What is your life’s motto?

“Those who do not attempt the impossible will never achieve the possible.” You will never hear, “can’t do it” from me. In the end, it’s all a question of time and money – everything that the customer wants is basically possible – only sometimes it’s too much work or too expensive.

Echo: You used to have to commute to Zurich every day – what do you do with the four extra hours of free time you now have?

I wanted to be a pilot when I was a boy. I now live out that childhood dream with model airplanes. I have a little hangar with model airplanes and helicopters in my grandfather’s old carpentry workshop at my parents’ house. I am also fascinated by Lego Technic – all the gears and motors fascinate me. I treat myself to a new model every year, perferably the biggest one there is. I recently put together the Unimog.

Foxtrot: And where do you refuel with fresh energy?

In nature! When walking with the dog, sailing on Murten Lake or out in the country at my parents’ house. It’s also easier to fly my model airplanes there. My oldest buddy also lives there, the donkey Cindy. I grew up with her and rode her as a kid. She pulled my sled in winter and helped Father Christmas out on his gift-giving tours. She’s in donkey retirement now and enjoys life out in my parents’ pasture.

Builds: enthusiastically, model airplanes and
Lego Technic

Likes: Cindy, the female donkey with which he grew up
Loves: sailing on Murten lake and London (because of Legoland)