Meet the team: Birgit Körschgen

She proves her mental fitness not only in our new customer care team in Darmstadt, but also in her extensive orienteering races. And Birgit Körschgen also has it good with her family. In the following interview, she reveals how she reconciles her young son, her big projects and her seemingly endless orienteering races.

  • Qualification: Diploma in Mathematics with a minor in Informatics at the University of Mainz
  • Lives in: Wiesbaden and works in Darmstadt
  • Grew up in: Naurod – and that’s the place that eventually called me back
  • Favorite book: “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini
  • Daily ritual: Very little repeats in my life – except the sandman in the evening
  • Life philosophy: I believe there is something good in everyone
Birgit Körschgen loves licorice and pear ice cream, both of which are rare in Germany.
Birgit Körschgen appreciates the family friendliness at BSI.

Birgit, what are you currently work-ing on?

At the current time, I co- manage customer care in Germany. This is really interesting, because we just finished setting up the department. The duties are very wide-ranging, from software developing to project performance, requiring equally wide-ranging skills. I previously worked onsite on the FLEETperfect project for Deutsche Bahn and then a year at Gothaer. After taking a year of maternity leave, I was able to seamlessly join the projects for DB Systel and Kaufland, and now I am building up the Customer Care Team.

You were one of the first employees at the BSI office in Darmstadt. How did that happen?

I ran across BSI at the “konaktiva” in Darmstadt. I felt immediately attracted to the friendly, open corporate culture and the informal, collegial atmosphere.

Why have you remained?

Exactly for the same reason! I am constantly hearing from friends just how stressful it can be when the work environment isn’t good. The people I work with at BSI are great, the projects interesting and varied, you can really grow, the way you want to – and there is no shortage of challenges (laughs).

You have a three-year-old son. How do you reconcile your family, your hobby and your profession?

Shared childcare and good arrange-ments (laughs). I am home once a week and my parents are a huge help. My mother-in-law makes it possible for us to enjoy one evening a week for our sport.

You certainly haven’t picked a simple sport as your hobby…

I am an orienteering racer. If possible, I train one to two hours of orienteering twice a week and once running training or something else. Fortunately, BSI offers part-time work. And also my family supports me in my hobby.

Would you call BSI a family-friendly company?

Yes. The very flexible work-ing hours and part-time options are very family-friendly.

What values do you associate with BSI?

Honesty and friendly interaction – that’s worth a lot!

How important are programs to you (especially for women)?

More important than programs is to respond to people. For example, if someone has an illness in their family, they can take a spontaneous holiday. Family-friendly solutions are always found. That’s why we don’t need any major “women’s program.”

Would you recommend BSI to your girlfriends?

Well, I don’t really have many friends in the IT industry, but: Yes! BSI is uncomplicated; you don’t have to be afraid of getting lost or having to deal with mobbing. The work is very interesting and varied. Everyone can grow according to their own strengths and personal motivation.

Do you think your son will also be working at BSI?

(Laughs.) That’s hard to say. He’s only three years old. But he is already showing a certain amount of interest in science. But maybe he’ll also become a speaker (laughs).