Interdisciplinary customer service for

Fences and barriers are history in sales and customer service at The number one among directories in Switzerland has decided for a 360° customer view, guided processes and sales management to ensure a consistent customer experience with no excuses.

Even market leaders do not always have it easy. Especially with systems and teams that are isolated from one another and which hinder market cultivation. With an eye towards its mission to serve customers more easily, faster and accurately, has chosen to introduce BSI CRM in three stages:

  • Step 1: A 360° customer view as the basis for improve- ments in service and sales processes.
  • Step 2: Guided processes in the contact center for reaping up- and cross-selling potential, uniformly and individually at all touchpoints.
  • Step 3: Sales management for improved lead process-ing and customer consultation across sales channels. This facilitates consistent management of the sales processes among all employees, from the service center to field sales and internal sales.

“The 360° customer view provides us with an overview of the customer across sales and service channels.”

Reto Erni, Head of Customer Care

Interdisciplinary customer service in three stages

The initial project consists of creating a 360° customer view. Towards this end, customer data is compiled from various systems and merged into a single holistic view. According to Reto Erni, “the 360° customer view is valuable to us. It pro-vides us with an overview of the customer across sales and support channels. As a result, we expect considerable gains in efficiency and productivity in addition to improved customer service.” The holistic view will also contribute to improving sales. An initial reference project in the customer service center demonstrates the impact of the combination of the 360° view and the campaign management. In the beginning, the customer service staff was not exactly enthusiastic about the change. But what is more motivating than success? After just a brief time in the course of the first pilot project, the advantages of the 360° customer view became apparent to the agents: “In addition to excellent customer consultation, customer service staff will also be able to optimally advise their customers in the future in terms of potential additional sales. Sales growth in harmony with all service and sales channels is something we view as a major opportunity with the introduction of BSI CRM,” stated Reto Erni.

“We anticipate gains in productivity and efficiency with the joint CRM solution.”

Reto Erni, Head of Customer Care

Central customer management in customer service

In a second step, the inbound processes in customer service and complaint management are being poured into the software. Staff is guided through the process by a single interface. External systems and knowledge databases are integrated into this interface so that service staff and sales personnel do not lose any time. “The great advantage of this is that the customer receives the right information quickly. Employees feel secure and can concentrate on their customers. The company profits from short training times and accurate report-ing, and can quickly recognize further potential for optimization,” according to Reto Erni. A further benefit is represented by the enriching of marketing data and the improvement of data quality. According to Reto Erni,“ agents will experience a major gain in efficiency, because once an inbound customer has been successfully identified, they immediately receive a complete overview of all customer activities and correspondence. The goal is to depict 90 percent of all business cases in the LCM.”

Comprehensive sales management tool

The third step of the CRM introduction is dedicated to sales management. “The aim is improved lead processing along with seamless sales planning and man-agement, which will enable us to provide customer consultation across all sales channels,” explained Reto Erni. Future sales campaigns can be conducted for each product, sales channel and customer segment. “With the introduction of CRM we will be able to focus on customer-oriented lifecycle management. This means that we are developing an integrated customer service process – from the lead to contract end – which will be documented in the CRM. This also includes a mood barometer, complaint management and campaign management,” Reto Erni concluded.

Reto Erni

Reto Erni is passionate when it comes to contact centers. After completing his Swiss Army training, he got started as a contact center manager at Swiss Post International. Once bitten by the call center bug, the topic of customer service and customer rela-tionship management never let him go: for three years he headed the customer service center for cc energie, the service provider for energy suppliers in Switzerland. He then switched to a high-voltage caffeine energy kick, but remained true to the service center field, at the coffee vending machine giant Selecta in Switzerland. For the past two years at he has headed the Telesales, Customer Card, Business Backoffice including Complaint Management departments along with private customer care.

The employees

Whether and how much fan mail the staff of receives from enthused customers remains unclear. Nevertheless, the management of is convinced that competent, well-informed and involved employees will be able to spread their enthusiasm to their customers. As the project visual with the portrait of an employee and the sentence „This is what will happen to us when we place customers center stage!” shows: staff too has great expectations.