Hermes: service champion for consumer logistics

The Hermes Germany GmbH is one of Europe’s most successful logistic service providers and Germany’s largest post-independent deliverer to private customers in the B2C and C2C sectors. Whether package recipient or shipment client – all customers are served through Hermes’ central service center. Michael Barbarino, Division Manager Customer Service at Hermes, reveals how to manage a customer-focused approach.

What makes Hermes’ customer service stand out?

We love customer centricity. For me, this means to consider everything from the customer’s perspective and to generate appropriate solutions. Every product, every service and every process must be tailored to meet customer requirements.

What is the task or added value of customer service today?

Michael Barbarino, Division Manager Customer Service at Hermes

Customer dialogue is an integral component at Hermes Germany. In concrete terms, this means that we work side-by-side with our colleagues in logistics to ensure that all agreements are met. This includes the service that has been agreed to with the shipment client, as well as with their customers – the recipient of a shipment. With our centrally acting customer service, we ensure these service levels uniformly throughout the country.

How are you making your customer service a service champion?

My vision is to offer our clients and package recipients the same service experience at every touchpoint. This ideal goes far beyond the question of different customer channels such as phone, e-mail or chat. One only becomes a service champion when the latest technologies and data architectures can be applied so that the customer is free to choose and change the touchpoint at any time. Only those who manage to design products and services so that all customers understand and use them will be successful in the future.