Health insurance companies choose BSI CRM

Within a short period, BSI has managed to convince three health insurance companies about its expertise. Why are health insurance companies increasingly choosing BSI CRM? To find answers, we asked BSI’s Adrian Bucher.

More and more health insurance companies are joining the ranks of BSI reference customers. Why is that?

We have created an excellent basis for health insurance companies with our solution BSI Health (CRM for health insurance companies). We have adapted it to meet their specific requirements. Typically, larger Swiss health insurance companies are engaged both in the private and corporate customer business, such as in the areas of accident insurance and daily benefits in-surance. We cover both business fields in one solution and can also handle central customer service and decentralized agency structures.

What benefits does BSI CRM offer health insurance companies?

Our customers appreciate the comprehensive process integration, the campaign management and the customer perspective (360° view). The high level of integration with the Adcubum Syrius insurance core system is a decisive criterion. Employees with customer contact have a unique tool available to them with BSI CRM, with which they can depict all communications as well as B2B and B2C support steps from the first contact with a potential customer to the servicing of existing customers. The entire lead process for new customers is orchestrated through BSI CRM. The customized offer system is completely integrated in the lead process through bi-directional online interfaces.

Can health insurance companies attain a competitive advantage with BSI CRM?

Insurance companies are in hypercompetition. They seek to better reap market potential and to boost the efficiency of the sales process. That is why we emphasize the professional support of existing cus- tomers in our solution. Each customer contact and every customer inquiry is recorded in order to offer optimal support to customers. The individualized and clearly arranged 360° view, which compiles data from various systems, immediately provides staff with an excellent overview of the customer. The 360° view differs depending on the customer type (corporate custom- er, private customer), the customer status (potential customer, existing customer) as well as the user. A service employee may therefore have a 360° view that differs from an employee in sales. These views can be configured individually.

What are the advantages of this?

With customer data analyses, existing customers can be selected for upselling campaigns and contacted very individually within the scope of outbound campaigns. Automated lead distribution is another advantage: leads received centrally are automatically routed to the right agency.

“BSI CRM places particular emphasis on the professional support of existing customers.”

Adrian Bucher, BSI Project Manager

Three Swiss health insurance companies recently chose BSI CRM. What were the leading decisive factors?

All these customers chose BSI within the scope of a comprehensive selection procedure; firstly, because we offer a proven insurance company standard and secondly, because BSI CRM can be integrated within the existing system. This integration capability enables health insurance companies to replace multiple exist-ing tools with just one.

Can you name an example?

In a comprehensive proof of concept for Swica we showed that we can successfully interact with Adcubum Syrius and meet the high operational requirements together with Centris, the operator. Swica can use a CRM system both for private and corporate customers. For Sanitas, the partnership of BSI and Genesys also worked in our favor, because the integrated call distribution was an essential component of the project. And for ÖKK our experience with interface connections was important, as well as our many years of experience as a CRM product vendor. The modern technology combined with a solid CRM basis, which bundles contact, task and complaint management and more in a single solution, convinced all three health insurance companies. Ultimately, they all want to work with one tool for all employees who have contact with customers. BSI CRM is upgradeable and continuous investments are being made in the product.

How does BSI CRM differ from other solutions?

Our customers are surprised by the high level of flexibility offered by the configuration options and especially by the 360° view. They receive a complete CRM product, including the campaign module and process management. That is unique within the industry. Our many years of experience in the insurance field and the standard interfaces such as CTI and Outlook/Exchange are greatly appreciated.

BSI cooperates in the insurance field with Centris. From your perspective, what is the advantage of cooperating with this IT service provider?

We complement one another ideally! BSI has a product that it integrates in pe-ripheral systems, particularly Adcubum Syrius. Centris has vast experience in the operation of insurance solutions and knows the processes and procedures, especially when it comes to health insurance companies. Together we offer a cus-tomized prescription for healthy customer relationships!

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Cooperation with Centris

Martin Cetin

Cooperation at eye level: BSI & Centris

Centris is among the leading service providers for modular IT solutions in the Swiss market for health insurance and accident insurance companies and also one of the largest employers in the town of Solothurn. The company looks back on more than 60 years of industry experience. It checks the bills of more than two million insured people throughout Switzerland. Among its customers are: Allianz Suisse, Aquilana, Assura, Atupri, EGK, Concordia, Helsana, innova, Die Mobiliar, ÖKK, Solida, SWICA, the Sympany Group as well as Vaudoise Versicherungen. Around 200 employees generated 54 million francs in turnover in 2014. According to Martin Cetin, Head of Customers & Market and Member of the Executive Board at Centris, “BSI is an independent software producer with high market acceptance and a mature standard solution. As a consultation firm, what we appreciate about working with BSI is that each partner contributes their strengths in order to offer customers everything from a single source, from development to analysis and project management.” For him, BSI combines software expertise with business experience, a good industry mix and great flexibility in its product and cooperation. “Development and project management staff, as well as the company management, are well-versed in the technical issues in the market. You can sense the many years of experience in various industries, which leads to a pragmatic, goal-oriented and constructive collaboration.”