Good all-round system

Deutsche Bahn is on the go, not only on the rails, but also on the streets: with a comprehensive vehicle fleet – including bicycles. For this, DB uses an individual solution based on BSI CRM and will soon introduce BSI Portal. The advantage: many processes run automatically.

Deutsche Bahn is not only the largest rail company in Europe, but also has one of the largest vehicle fleets in Germany, with over 20,000 fleet vehicles. Services offered include long-term rentals, chauffeur service, vehicle fleet consultation, pool vehicles, fleet management as well as vehicle sales. And company bicycles were recently added. For the complete range of business processes involved, DB uses an individual solution based on BSI CRM. It is called FLEETperfect and generates up to 10,000 invoices monthly with over 500,000 line items in total, and administrates more than three million documents.

Fleet management with self-service

Through a self-service platform, employees and business customers can configure, order, insure or invoice vehicles, manage claims, initiate a change of renter and much more. The Web application is a customized solution from BSI, which is com- pletely integrated in FLEETperfect through an interface. This customized solution shall now be replaced by the product BSI Portal. “BSI Portal offers better integration with the CRM and is uniformly based on Scout technology. This enables DB Fuhrpark to replace old programming languages and technologies, and offers the advantage of technology that is constantly being further developed and a reduction of maintenance costs,” explained Thomas Schweigler, Project Manager at BSI. Business cases can be transferred directly to customers and partners with BSI Portal, facilitating a higher degree of automation, contributing to automated processing. The goal is to automate as many processes as possible.

Company bicycle ordering up to 95% automated

Management of the company bicycles is the latest mobility project and, at the same time, an impressive showcase for digital processing: around 190,000 employees of the DB Group in Germany can order a bicycle configured to their preferences. The order request is transmitted to FLEETperfect, where it is reviewed, and then delivery is made by the local dealer. Special feature: this process is nearly completely automatic. The system completes 95% of the tasks. “Automated processing enables us to achieve a high degree of scaling and cost savings for the ordering process at the same time. Once registration is complete, the employee receives his bicycle within a working day,” stated Alexander Reis, IT Project Manager for DB Fuhrpark.

Integrated self-insurance

Another new product is the claims account – an attractive alternative to comprehensive insurance. “The vehicle fleets of many of our customers are so large that the risk can be easily distributed. With the claims account, we enable business customers to save on insurance premiums and to pay claims directly from their claims account,” explained Ralph Tschentscher, Project Manager at DB Fuhrpark. And, as you can guess, this solution is managed in FLEETperfect.

“Automated processing enables scaling and cost savings.”

Alexander Reis, IT Project Manager at DB Fuhrpark

Constant further development

FLEETperfect is constantly being expanded to include additional mobility products. To date, only the contract and payment administration for long-term rentals have been processed in FLEETperfect, but in the future, this will also take place for car and bike sharing, and the Contact Center will also be inte-grated in the solution. “FLEETperfect will thereby become our single point of truth and thus facilitate smart customer relationship management,” according to Ralph Tschentscher.

Agilely to the goal

A great deal has changed since the start of the collaboration between Deutsche Bahn and BSI. The collaboration model itself, for example. While it previously took around nine months to take a request into production, through agile methodology this time has been reduced to three weeks. What’s more, DB employees can test and approve applications directly in the BSI system one day after implementation. This enables direct feedback and avoids unnecessary delivery cycles. “Together with BSI, we found a method to be able to efficiently react to the ‘unknown unknowns.’ What is unknown can thus rapidly be discovered and professionally resolved. The resulting implementation speed has a positive impact on the vendor-customer relationship,” according to Ralph Tschentscher. Tasks are prioritized and delivery packages defined together. Operation is also conducted together with BSI. This offers the advantage that software deliveries will function at the press of a button in the future thanks to con- tinuous deployment.

Ralph Tschentscher is in charge of the further development of FLEETperfect as the project man-ager. Agile methods are used in the development of the project (Scrum/Kanban). Digital disruption is a major concern of his. He is a fan of pleasant, communicative collaboration. This is why DB and BSI staff have dedicated rooms at the various locations. Ralph Tschentscher is convinced: “This promotes a good atmosphere, has a positive impact on the project dynamics and follows the principles of agile methodology.”