Blockchain demystified

Behind the hype: Daniel Gasteiger explains the principle of blockchain and demonstrates the opportunities and potential for various industries.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that could change our lives even further than the Internet has done over the past twenty years. It was created at the moment in which the global economic crisis reached its nadir following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in the autumn of 2008. But what lies behind this major fintech discovery? The technology unquestionably comes with a certain disruption potential: money or securities could be transferred peer-to-peer in the future, meaning directly between two accounts, without a detour through banks or other financial intermediaries. While this may already function technically, what legal and regulatory question remain to be clarified? What application possibilities does blockchain offer in the future for various sectors? Are classic financial intermediaries still needed if direct transactions are possible between trading partners? Will blockchain even lead to the end of the financial system that we know today, or is that merely hype?

Daniel Gasteiger, co-founder of Nexussquared, will demystify the blockchain myth.

Daniel Gasteiger

Daniel Gasteiger, Mitgründer bei Nexussquared

Daniel Gasteiger began his career as a securities trader at Credit Suisse and thereafter joined UBS Investment Bank. He then became Managing Director at UBS and set up the office of the chairman of the board of directors. He founded Nexussquared in 2015. The objective of the start-up is to establish Switzerland as the leading blockchain hub in continental Europe.

Daniel Gasteiger (Nexussquared)