​The customer journey blockbuster

And . . . action! With BSI Studio, you transform every customer relationship into major cinema – with thrilling stories for the maximizing of lead quality and conversion rates.

One for all: BSI Studio is a marketing, lead and service platform, as well as a anagement cockpit.

Lena is beside herself with joy: she and her husband became parents to a healthy baby daughter two weeks ago. In the most recent telephone contact with her, the customer rep made her an attractive offer while relaying the company’s congratulations: her health insurance company will assume the costs for diapers for an entire year if Lena’s husband also chooses Lena’s health insurance company.

That is how a positive customer experience is generated. It is a matter of convincing dialog partners at every touchpoint, impressing and motivating them, and reacting to their behav-ior in real time. Interested parties or new customers should be attracted with interesting and appropriate stories that precisely match the point where they currently are.

This becomes a reality with BSI Studio: the digital marketing platform combines the creative planning and efficient conducting of customer journeys. Because BSI Studio is directly linked with data and processes, authentic marketing automation becomes possible, across all touchpoints and organizational borders.

Customer service made easy

In a world in which the next offer is just a click away and digital newcomers are transforming markets, customers are no longer willing to accept weak customer journeys. Those who seek to conquer Generation Y must know how to use data as a success factor, how to seamlessly depict the relationship to customers and to automate to the greatest possible degree. BSI Studio does exactly that, when it comes to both the outbound and inbound dialog. The user interface of BSI Studio is designed to be extremely intuitive. Even complex stories with many digital and physical touchpoints can be easily configured and triggered either on the basis of rules or on customer decisions or events. Landing pages and dynamic content can be created quickly and with numerous features. A 360-degree data overview and smart steps, such as A/B testing, preferred channels and next best actions, make it possible to optimize the dialog in real time and to consistently remain a step ahead of the customer. The transition from one story to another, as well as upstream and downstream actions (selection, mailing, staggering, etc.), also occur automatically in BSI Studio.

“Transform the customer relationship into a big cinema, with interesting stories and high conversion rates.”

Claude Schuler, Marketing Manager at BSI 

Digitization pays off

BSI Studio is a marketing, lead and service platform, as well as a management cockpit: the crucial steps within a story can be quantified with KPIs and controlled in real time. Through this continuous measuring, data quality and conversion rates are constantly improved and your success maximized.