​Am I nice? A self-test.

Problem: I always notice how nice people are to me. But I am plagued by the question of whether I am nice to my friends, co-workers and customers. Am I able to give back what is given to me? And how do you find out?

Test report

Uwe Funk

I had to ask other people why they were kind to me. However, it was simply too much for me to over- come my reservations about doing so. I cannot simply ask cus-tomers whether I am nice! The woman behind the counter at my favorite bakery would certainly misunderstand such a question. In the end, I asked my wife whether I am nice and whether she could imagine me being nice to my customers and co-workers. She asked me whether I really differen- tiate my behavior between friends, customers and co-work-ers, and whether I am variously friendly to different people.


In my world, people are nice: all of them. They greet me and wish me a nice day. It has become apparent to me that I need not differentiate between those to whom I am nice. That enormously simplifies life and fosters a pleasant atmosphere. When one appreciates, trusts, overlooks a mistake and makes oneself aware that one is anything but perfect, then being nice is a piece of cake.

 “Being nice to everybody enormously simplifies life!”

Uwe Funk has shaped BSI culture for 20 years.