BSI PoS: the cash register software with CRM integration

Are you searching for simple, intuitive software for the cash registers at your sales outlets? Would you like to also recognize your customers at the sales outlets and offer them top service? Would you like to offer click & collect or returns handling from the e-shop, recommend appropriate additional products, update customer data or call up prior purchases and register receipts? We provide you with the right tool to handle commerce and sales easily and across channels – even at the point of sale (PoS).

BSI PoS Kassensoftware

Outlets as service leaders

You would also like to offer your customers tailored service at the sales outlets? We know how, because we have experience when it comes to customer relationships. That is why we don’t offer isolated cash register software, but a well-conceived solution so that your customers can also be served like old acquaintances in the shop.

Vorteile von der Kassensoftware BSI PoS

Advantages of BSI PoS

With BSI PoS you also recognize online or catalogue customers at the sales outlet. You can generate vouchers or resolve complaints directly at the checkout counter. The cash register software is completely integrated in the CRM system – for a 360° customer view at all points of sale: for all industries and in real time.

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For the customer

Customers love their freedom and that’s what they should get. Regardless of where they shop –online, through the catalogue or at the store. They are recognized wherever they are and optimally served.

Since BSI PoS is completely integrated in the CRM software, you can also recognize your customers at the sales outlet. Your staff receives a comprehensive view of the customer with all purchases from all points of sale: physical, digital or via catalog orders.

Your customers profit from comprehensive service in the shop: Redeem vouchers from the digital world, return orders made in the online shop and discuss concerns directly with sales outlet staff.

For staff

Your staff is supported throughout the sales and consultation process – with all important information and tips for additional sales.

BSI PoS supports your employees with information about customers as well as with suggestions for appropriate products. Which shoes best match the suit that was ordered? With tips such as “next best product”, including a depiction of it, your staff sells more and better, because the software enables them to offer customers tailored consultation.

The touch screen is optimized for operation at the cash register. The processing of vouchers, discounts and customer transactions including returns (even from other sales outlets, the online shop or the mail-order business) is easy and fast.

Your staff has access to the customer dossier at all times and can update it with missing information.

For management

You can centrally administrate BSI PoS cash register software. Of course, it is multi-client capable. And you receive all information in your central CRM system.

The connection to the CRM system means that all data is accessible in real time. For all sales outlets and clients. You manage all data – including products, prices and hardware – in our software at a central location.

You have an online shop and a merchandise management system? No problem. We connect your interfaces so that you have all information in one system – from the sales outlets, customer service, online shop, mail-order business and ERP. In real time of course.

With BIS PoS you receive a comprehensive overview of all your channels, detailed evaluations and more efficient processes.

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Screenshot der Kassensoftware BSI PoS


BSI PoS can do everything you expect from cash register software. And much more: because we believe in the cross-channel strategy you use to link your sales and service channels. For better customer service and more sales.

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At the cash register

Scan products, add discounts, accept returns are the most common customer transactions at the cash register. We have it under control. It’s fast and easy with our user-friendly software.

  • Book products with the scanner, article number and quick booking button
  • Discounts and reductions
  • Sales rep per customer transaction or article
  • Returns from the store, mail-order business or online shop
  • Receipt search
  • Receipt preview and modifications possible at any time

Recognize and advise customers

The checkout clerk at the sales outlet receives a 360° customer view, can change and supplement customer data or register new customers.

  • Customer search, easily and comprehensively
  • 360° view: open bills, orders, complaints, purchases from other channels, personal preferences, online wish list
  • Purchase suggestions and tailored consultation
  • Modification and supplementation of customer data, recording of customer preferences in terms of advertising means
  • Registering of new customers
  • Online purchases can be picked up, paid for, returned and exchanged
  • Redeem vouchers from the digital world in the store

Internal bookings

It is very important to us to simplify processes and to remove sources of error. That’s why internal bookings and cash register administration are easy and fast with BSI PoS.

  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Expenses
  • Paperless cash register report
  • Guided cash register balance
  • All bookings logged in the CRM system

Synchronization for the latest data

With BSI PoS all data is logged in real time. Work is conducted in the offline sector should the Internet fail. Even in this mode the customer can be linked with the customer transaction so that no information is lost.

  • Permanent synchronization between the CRM and cash register
  • Offline operation, including customer identification

Configuration & evaluations

Administrate your sales outlets, products, prices as well as the hardware. Of course, it is multi-client capable and offers comprehensive evaluations.

  • Multi-client capable: customer article lists, prices, vouchers, running display, etc.
  • Administrate sales outlets: opening times, addresses, jobs, vouchers, running display, sales outlet-specific prices
  • Manage checkout counter staff with individual authorizations
  • Comprehensive evaluations: cash register report, difference list, receipt overview, journal, etc.
  • User administration with authorizations
  • Configuration of BSI PoS without programming skills


BSO PoS runs on customary cash register hardware and is optimized for touch screen operation. All peripheral devices are managed centrally.

  • Touch screen
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Receipt printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Cash register drawer
  • Running display
  • EFT terminal

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