BSI BRM: The CRM for selling through brokers

The Number One in Broker Relationship Management since 1996

Customized B2B sales partner support: For many insurance companies, this is a crucial key to success. That's why BSI has devoted itself successfully to the topic of Broker Relationship Management (BRM) for more than two decades. It continuously adds specific requirements for sales through brokers to the classic CRM features. The goal of BSI BRM? To give insurance companies with broker sales partners a competitive advantage - because happy and well-supported brokers make better messengers.

The leading BRM standard

With its Broker Relationship Management System (BRM), BSI has become a standard for selling through brokers. To support their independent brokers, well-known insurance companies like Basler Versicherungen Deutschland, ProTect, ERGO, Rhion, die Bayerische, Gothaer, HDI, and Nürnberger count on the customized B2B sales partner support the BSI BRM solution provides. Insurers appreciate the efficiency gained through uniform standards, the 360-degree views of brokers, the targeted support for broker offices, and the optimized sales management.

Seize every sales opportunity

The Broker Relationship Management System (BRM) from BSI transparently maps the specific requirements of selling through brokers in a single solution. Customers like the following features specifically:

  • Individual entry pages for broker advisers and managers
  • Seamless e-mail and calendar integration
  • Selection options for targeted broker or contact partner searches
  • Guided processes for standardized business transactions processing and approval process mapping, for example as part of setting up commission agreements.
  • The ability to set up seminars and training sessions, for example for new insurance products

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In an interview: BRM vs. CRM

For many insurance companies, broker distribution is one of the most important sales channels. That is why tailor-made advice for independent brokers and sales partners plays a decisive role in sales success. BSI Insurance expert Oliver Hechler tells us in an interview about the difference between BRM and CRM and what distinguishes successful B2B sales partner support.

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The digitization initiative for happy sales partners

Digitization offers a wide variety of opportunities in insurance sales, and the professional Broker Relationship Management System (BRM) from BSI provides the ideal basis for it. Bundled data makes relevant information available to broker advisers who can then provide personalized support to each of their brokers. Not only does this increase efficiency and save time; it also allows broker advisers to devote themselves much more effectively to smart sales management and their core competency - customized broker support.

“What has also impressed me is the profound enthusiasm with which BSI drives product development, which allows the company to offer new options all the time.”

Frank ThießHead of Controlling/Finance at HDI