BSI Studio: Transforms customer relationships into major cinema.

BSI Studio: The platform for digital customer love stories

With BSI Studio, marketers and customer experience managers design cinematic customer journeys step by step – even across departmental borders and companies. Using data from analytics, an app or e-shop, BSI Studio identifies appropriate target groups and touchpoints for your campaign and optimizes the parameters in real time.

We also support smart sales personnel with the new digitalization platform. BSI Studio generates scores, ratings and targets, and forecasts closing rates. This enables your sales team to focus fully on the sales pitch. BSI Studio is the heart of your company, your customer journey machine, which orchestrates your business with customers in the background. See for yourself.

Why BSI Studio? 7 convincing reasons

  1. An impressive customer experience, step by step: Design, test, automatically execute and optimize stories in real time with BSI Studio across all touchpoints, departmental and company boundaries.
  2. Intelligence through data: BSI Studio uses every data point from your systems, such as analytics, app or e-shop, to intelligently design the next step in the story. While Mission Control monitors important KPIs.
  3. More personalized content: BSI Studio provides templates and personalized content for all media with spam check, opt-in and device preview.
  4. More than marketing automation: BSI Studio facilitates thoroughly automated customer care – from lead handling to after-sales service and takes preferences and actual behavior into account in the process.
  5. Data security and data protection by design: BSI Studio complies with the GDPR principle of needs-appropriate data storage and also runs as an onsite cloud in your data center operated by BSI.
  6. In duplicate or stand-alone: Fully integrated in BSI CRM, but also as powerful individual solution.
  7. Versatile ecosystem: The Step Store offers individual steps, finished customer stories, helpful services and a strong partner network for BSI Studio.

How do I implement customer journeys with BSI Studio?

After the creative development phase on a flip chart, a potential story goes directly to the tool.

  1. Design: Pull appropriate steps using drag & drop from the step library onto the storyboard and link them together.
  2. Execute: First check the story you have created in draft mode, then set it into production manually and step by step. If everything is ok, then switch to live and execute it automatically.
  3. Evaluate: With Mission Control, you can retain an overview of participant numbers, the conversion rate and NPS.
  4. Optimize: Test new versions in the sandbox. Through a clever versioning concept, the better story takes the lead, while the old one expires in sunset mode.

What steps are available to me in BSI Studio?

BSI Studio comes with 60 steps, with more being added all the time. The steps are divided into four categories:

  • Logic steps branch and filter data
  • Push steps interact with customers, send e-mails or SMS, create landing pages
  • Data steps provide links to other systems and form the bridge to your data management system (e.g. BSI CRM). You set up new customers, define scores or ratings
  • Participant steps define the participants for your story
Step Store
The shop for award-winning
customer experience
Step Store
The Step Store as a strong ecosystem in BSI Studio offers everything needed to create an award-winning customer experience: steps, intelligent customer stories, attractive templates, inspiring workshops. The Step Store assortment is constantly growing with the aim of offering customer stories for every industry and countless life events. This enables you to reach customers right where they are.



What purpose do stories have in BSI Studio?

Stories in BSI Studio are scripts that will be experienced by customers or interested people as films – which means: continuous customer journeys.

  • Target stories: You choose the target persons, define scores and customer values. As a result, these stories write data in BSI CRM, or other data managing systems, or form target groups for customer stories.
  • Customer stories: These depict the interaction between people and the company – across all touchpoints, both online and offline.

Profit from well thought-out stories

So that you do not have to start from scratch, in the Step Store we offer a range of intelligent, finished customer stories for your industry: pull stories such as requests, product launch, follow-ups, and push stories such as retargeting and reactivation of inactive customers. Simply acquire them in the Step Store and adapt for your purposes in BSI Studio.

Award-winning customer experience just a click away

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With the Content Editor, marketers can easily use drag & drop to create personalized e-mails, Web pages, SMS and much more.

How do I create content in BSI Studio?

You can create content for all media using company-specific templates in the Content Editor: From dynamic newsletter snippets to classic contact channels such as letter or e-mail, and on to websites. With spam check, opt-in process and device preview as standard features.

BSI Studio manages this content at the desired touchpoint, depending on the story. Personalized for each customer with placeholders and rule-based content elements.

Mission Control in BSI Studio displays all relevant figures to support the measurement of the success of your customer experience efforts.

Mission Control in BSI Studio: Everything under control

Retain an overview of your stories with Mission Control. What status are they in, how many participants are involved, where is it stuck? This places the control and essential KPIs in your hand, enabling you to measure the success of your campaigns.

Pre-trained neural networks

The Machine Learning Community trains real neural networks, which can expertly trigger specific tasks to support your work. With BSI Studio in 2019, we will offer steps that access these “brains” so that you can benefit from their intelligence in your stories.

How it all began: The story behind BSI Studio

What does the Netflix series "Underwear" have to do with the digitization platform BSI Studio? How does storytelling and software fit together? And why is 4 = 1 in the case of BSI Studio? You want answers? Chris Rusche, the driving force behind BSI Studio, tells the story of BSI Studio. Run the film!

By the way, BSI Studio is also a digitalization platform

With BSI Studio, you not only digitalize your customer relationship, but also entire business procedures. Overcome silo borders with the simple integration possibilities delivered by BSI Studio. REST services very easily combine separated island solutions.

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